French Bulldog Crying- What Does It Mean?

There is no proven study that claims why do dogs cry. The sound of a dog’s whining is often considered for crying. However, have you ever wondered why it is so? When we talk about your French bulldog crying and the reason for their watery eyes, there are a million things you should know about it. So, let’s start!

french bulldog crying

 The reasons for your French bulldog crying

Dogs feel our emotions. They can smell their owners’  feelings and compassionate with them. When we are feeling down, here they are coming to share our sadness. In other words, they are the only creatures who love us unconditionally. 

 The French bulldog breed is like no other breed. These little gremlins are ready to follow their owners to the end of the world. And for dog owners, we are sure there’s no greater happiness than seeing their dogs running to their hugs and waving their tails to show how happy they feel to see us again. 

french bulldog crying

Does your Frenchie cry or whine?

French bulldogs can indeed cry. However, their understanding of crying is pretty much different from ours. When we talk about the dog’s sound of mourning such as whining, you need to know there’re a few reasons for such behavior. 

Most commonly, the sound of your Frenchie’s whining and whimpering is often referred to his desire for attention, food, or a potty break. Therefore, before you start thinking there’s something wrong with your pooch, my advice is to make sure he doesn’t ask for some of the previously mentioned things. 

Besides whining is instinctual behavior, it can also become learned. So, if your Frenchie often whines, then he probably figured out the connection between an action and reaching the goal. That’s how your dog’s whining becomes a behavioral problem that can drive you crazy.

To fix that behavior, you might ask a dog behavior specialist for advice. Since you should be your dog’s pack leader, spoilage isn’t allowed. No matter how cruel it looks like not to give your pooch treats or toys, it’s the only way to live with an obedient pet.

 Another reason for your Frenchies ‘crying’ can be found in dog separation anxiety. It’s a health condition where a dog shows fear to be left alone at home, so he starts to bark and whine, pant, and nervously walk from room to room. Separation anxiety affects dogs of all ages. However, companion breeds such as Frenchies are on a higher risk to develop this condition. 

french bulldog crying

We also should note that dogs who suffer from chronic pains will not whine. Of course, it’s reasonable to see a pooch crying out when accidentally steps on something sharp or when dealing with postoperative pains. Constant whining behavior will only point out there’s a behavioral issue in your furry friend.

 Why do French bulldogs cry?

Just like humans, canines’ eyes have tear ducts to help them function normally. However, when we talk about crying, they can’t cry for emotional reasons. If you see your Frenchie’s crying, there’s probably something wrong going around. Here are the most common reasons for it.

Blocker Tear ducts

To prevent your Frenchie from blocked tear ducts, I advise regular using of Tear Stain Remover. It is antibacterial so you can use it for cleaning your Frenchie’s eyes too. You can apply a few drops on a cotton ball and then to gently cross over your dog’s eyes. To remove old tear stains you’ll approximately need to use it for 2 weeks.

french bulldog crying

 Allergies in French bulldogs

Unfortunately, Frenchies are on a higher risk to suffer from the environmental type of allergy. They show allergic reactions such as crying, itching, and redness when they deal with a trigger.

In most cases, seasonal pollen and dust are those that cause such issues. To keep your Frenchie away from allergy crying, your vet might prescribe you corticosteroidal drops and frequent eye washing. 

 Eye Infection in French bulldogs

 Does your Frenchie release yellow or mucusy discharge from his eyes? If the answer is yes, then your little gremlin will require the antibiotic eye drops. Other symptoms that can follow the eye infection are redness and itchiness.