Why Is My French Bulldog Constipated? Reasons and Prevention

If your Frenchie is having a hard time going to the potty, then he’s probably not the luckiest guy in the neighborhood. Constipation in French bulldogs is one of the most painful conditions that can be treated by eating certain ingredients or including medication. It is described as an inability to release the stools, having rock-hard stools, straining when trying to defecate, and painful stomach bloating.

french bulldog constipation

Why is my Frenchie constipated?

French bulldog constipation may occur for a number of reasons. Inappropriate diet and food that is rich in grains such as corn, wheat, and soy can be only one of the triggers, as well as many other factors. Let’s find out other potential threats that can cause constipation in Frenchies.

– Lack of exercise

Just like in humans, lack of exercise slows down the metabolism and lead to intestinal laziness. As a result, it leads to constipation and hard stool. Therefore, as one of the best prevention to keep your dog healthy is to take him to daily strolls even though Frenchies are considered for the low-energy breed.

 – Eating inappropriate diet

Diet plays an important role in preventing a Frenchie from constipation. Eating too many grains, rice and other ingredients that harden the stool is usually the reason for French bulldog constipation.

– Age

Older pets are on a higher tendency to experience hard stools. It’s because they often deal with mobility issues, painful joints, and arthritis that make them incapable to go to regular strolls. If you’ve noticed that your Frenchie started to deal with constipation in old age, then you should consult your vet to prescribe him another diet. Eating ingredients that are high in fiber such as pumpkin, peach, pear, apple and other fresh fruits and veggies will do a lot for your French bulldog constipation.

french bulldog constipated

 – Illnesses

Unfortunately, underlying issues can also be one of the triggers for constipation in Frenchies. The enlarged prostate gland, blocked or abscessed anal sacs, cancer, and neurological problems can also cause the obstruction.

– Excessive self-grooming

 Many dog owners don’t know that excessive licking/ self-grooming may lead to constipation. A dog who swallows hair can burden the digestive system and experience troubles when going to defecate.

– Dehydration

Every French bulldog owner should pay special attention to his dog’s hydration during the summer months. Therefore, make sure your pet always has free access to fresh water. It will prevent him not only from constipation but also from overheating.

How to Prevent Constipation in French Bulldogs?

If you’ve noticed that your pooch experience lack of defecation in the last few days, dry and hard stools that look like pebbles, then you can follow these steps to help your pooch. If none of these tips show improvement in one day, then you need to schedule a vet visit. Long-term constipation may lead to a buildup of dried fecal matter that gets stuck in the colon.

– Eat food rich in fiber

One of the best ingredients to include when your Frenchie goes through the previously mentioned issue is to feed him/her with pumpkin, apples, peaches, and pear. While you can include the pumpkin in a higher amount, the fruit portions should be kept small due to a high percentage of sugar. 

You can serve the pumpkin boiled together with chicken breasts (without skin), and to use fresh fruits for rewarding. Read the following article to find out what 10 fruits you can share with your French bulldog this summer.

– Increase the amount of water

Water works wonders for your dog’s body. Therefore, make sure your dog drinks plenty of water because it will start his bowel work properly. 

– Try an enema

This procedure should be done by a professional since there’s a possibility of injury. It can be performed when a dog experiences severe pains, farts, and the inability to go to the toilet for a few days. An enema shouldn’t be done at home, as there could be a risk of toxicity, and unplanned messes.

 – Can I give my dog milk for constipation?

Some Frenchies are allergic to the lactose from the milk, so you should be very careful when giving it to your dog. Milk is undeniably one of the best ingredients that provide a quick laxative effect, especially if you drink it cold. Therefore, if your French bulldog doesn’t suffer from food allergies, you can include milk in his diet from time to time. It soothes the digestive process and enables smooth bowel movement.

– Olive oil

Olive oil is not only a healthy ingredient for humans but also for your pet. Therefore, to help your Frenchie to have regular and normal stools, you can add a table spoon to your dog’s meal daily. It will encourage the stool to flow through the gut. Besides, it also improves the skin, so your batpig will have a shiny and smooth coat with daily use.

 – Exercise

Even though these little gremlins are otherwise called ‘couch potatoes’, it doesn’t mean that you should take your dog outside only when he needs to go to poop. Every canine requires to go for a stroll at least twice a day. Going to 30min walk in the morning and in the evening will leave many benefits not just on your but also to your dog’s body.

– Including laxative medication

Since you can’t give the human’s medications to your dog, it’s essential to ask your vet what medication will increase the contractile strength of the large intestine. Human laxative drugs often contain ingredients that can be poisonous to your Frenchie.




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