French Bulldog Clothes – The Ultimate Guide

Have you ever realized how difficult is to find clothes for your French bulldog that will fit his/her unique body posture? As an owner of this furry gremlin, you are probably familiar with the fact that Frenchies need to wear clothes for many reasons. In case you always encounter an issue when buying clothes for your pooch, this guide will help you.

 Why does your French bulldog need to wear clothes?

One of the most important reasons for buying French bulldog clothes is their tendency to hyperthermia and overheating. Frenchies can’t sustain being on high or cold temperatures for a long period of time. It’s because they have brachycephalic skulls. Their respiratory systems are not capable to deal with sudden temperature changes. That’s why your little gremlin needs to have an extra layer during winter. I suggest you check the following waterproof jacket that is suitable when going for a walk in windy weather.


 On the other hand, you also need to stay prepared for the summer season. Since French bulldog breed can easily get a heatstroke, I advise you to buy different summer essentials that can help your dog deal with high temperatures.

The following French bulldog cooling vest is made of a special material that prevents a dog from overheating. You should soak the vest into the water, twist it dry, shake it for a few times, and dress up your Frenchie. There are also dozens of great cooling items that you can check here.


Hot to introduce a French bulldog with clothes?

The best time to introduce a dog with clothes is to start it from the early puppyhood. The fist clothes you buy for your pooch should be lightweight and not provide any discomfort. Choose something that is easy to dress. For example, it can be an easy-to-dress sweater that you can put on your Frenchie while playing with him.

The key is to relax a dog by spontaneously teaching him to accept wearing clothes. Giving treats is also advisable but in certain amounts. Note that overfeeding can lead to rapidly gain weight.

Instead of using commercial treats, you can reward your Frenchie with fresh fruits and veggies that are low in calories. I recommend you to read what 10 best fruits your Frenchie can eat.


Making a positive reinforcement will mean a lot to your French bulldog’s personality. Try to involve different interactive toys while teaching your pooch to get used to wearing clothes.

How to choose clothes for your French bulldog?

French bulldogs have short and compact bodies that can’t fit any cut of clothing. These furry batpigs also have thick necks and that’s also one of the reasons for finding the right jacket or hoodie for their body postures.

A healthy Frenchie should have visible muscle built that can also present a setback when buying clothes. Frenchies are strong but short. So, in case you want to escape buying French bulldog clothes in shops that are not specialized for the French bulldog breed, you need to be prepared for complaints. It’s very difficult to find clothes that will fit your furry gremlin’s body shape. Frenchie World is an online store specialized for this affectionate breed.

 French bulldog hoodies

French bulldog hoodies are a great choice for providing your pet with an extra layer during cozy spring and autumn nights. Frenchie World offers different cuts of hoodies. They are all made of pleasant materials because we care for Frenchies’ sensitive skin.

 French bulldog jackets

Jackets for Frenchies present ‘must-have’ items for protecting your dog’s body from low temperatures. Before you decide to buy a jacket, you need to make sure that the chosen size will fit your pooch. The jacket and other clothes need to give ample room to your Frenchie so he can move comfortably. To get the measurements, you need to check the size of your dog’s neck and length of his back.

french bulldog clothes

 French bulldog sweaters

The wide assortment of French bulldog sweaters will make your pooch the biggest star of the neighborhood. In the Frenchie World online store you can find both winter and summer sweaters.

 French bulldog shirts

French bulldog shirts are suitable for wearing during spring and summer evenings. They are lightweight, made of cotton and super-fashionable. There are hundreds of adorable designs specially created for your Frenchie.

 French bulldog life jackets

How can you allow your French bulldog to swim without putting him a life swimming jacket? Since Frenchies are not capable to swim due to their short bodies and brachycephalic skulls, I highly advise you to check our wide assortment of dog safety life jackets.


French bulldog pajamas

Is there anything better than spending a lazy weekend with your four-legged friend?

The following strawberry pajamas are made of 100% cotton, so in case your Frenchie suffers environmental allergies, they can definitely present a live savior option. Allergens such as dust, pollen, and mites can cause skin irritations, so one of the choices is protecting their skin with clothes.