French Bulldog Clothes That Will Blow Your Mind! Top 10 Picks

Summer is soon about to end. For your Frenchie, it means that he will be able to spend more time outside jumping on the puddles. Since he doesn’t do well in warm weather, autumn is undoubtedly his favorite season. That’s why we want to help you prepare for autumn by choosing the best clothes for your Frenchie.

Protect your French bulldog from the rain

For your Frenchie, it might be thrilling to walk in the rain; however, the only thing left for you is his wet fur. So, the best way to keep your dog’s coat dry is to buy him a raincoat. French bulldog raincoat will not only prevent him from catching a cold but will also keep him away from that wet fur doggy odor. 

The following Frenchie coat is designed for mild autumn temperatures, and it’s available in grey and yellow colors.


 For those French bulldog owners who enjoy taking their pooches for a stroll in the evening, the following Reflective Safety Frenchie Raincoat will be perfect to wear in low light conditions.
It comes in 5 colors and comes with adjustable cinching strings and stoppers on the hood, sleeves, and bottom. There’s no way that your batpig won’t become noticed while walking in the street.

Don’t forget to protect your French bulldog paws.

We all know that paws do a lot for your dog’s body. They allow him to discover the world, so that’s why you need to think about how to protect them. Walking on different terrains can make them become injured. Since we already wrote about the importance of safeguarding French bulldog paws during summer, we need to mention that your pooch needs paw protection throughout the year. 

Remember those tiny twigs and leaves falling from the trees in autumn? Well, many dog owners are not aware of the fact that blades of grass stuck in your Frenchie’s paws can lead to serious paw issues. His pads can become red, swollen and itchy and that’s probably the last thing you want to happen.

To keep your dog’s paws clean and healthy, I advise you to buy a good pair of French bulldog boots or socks. The following dog boots are made of mesh and are waterproof.


Fashionable French bulldog clothes that will blow your mind

Who has told that French bulldog clothes need to look ordinary? Your little gremlin can have a wardrobe that will make everyone to turn their heads. Our Paw -Tex French bulldog light parka is made of the waterproof outer material and has reflective stripes on the sleeves.

 Most of us would agree that autumn weather can be very unpredictable. Therefore, your Frenchie needs to have clothes that will keep him warm and cozy during cold weather.

The following Frenchie World ultra-soft hoodie will make your batpig look like Teddy Bear by wearing it. The hoodie has Teddy-Bear ears, and it’s available in 5 colors. We are sure that your little gremlin will adore wearing because it’s made of incredibly soft fabric.

How to choose French bulldog clothes?

Buying French bulldog clothes might look tricky, mainly because of their unique body shape. They have short and compact bodies that can’t fit into every dog clothes. That’s why it is essential to buy it only in stores that are authorized for French bulldogs. 

First of all, Frenchies require wearing a wardrobe that will not stitch their necks. They are short and thick and can’t fit regular clothes for small dog breeds. Frenchie World Online Store offers you garments that are specialized for the French bulldog breed. Since all the items are tried on Frenchies, you can be sure they’ll perfectly fit. 

The following Frenchie World Basic Dog hoodie will keep your pup warm, comfy, and cute while wearing it. It comes with a leash hole and is great to wear on cold autumn weather. Since it has a high-cut, you can be sure your pooch will not make any unplanned messes when he goes to the potty.

 In case you want to keep your batpig visible while going for a stroll, our Designer Reflective French bulldog jacket will definitely blow your mind! It comes in multiple sizes and it’s perfect to wear on windy weather. The velcro closure is put for more comfortable dressing, and the hood and the sleeves are easy to adjust.

 Are you a French bulldog mom who likes to share outfits with her furry friend? Well, in case you are, then we are sure you’ll adore Frenchie & Owner Matching Sweaters. You can find them in 4 colors and many sizes. The hoodies are comfy to wear and present an excellent choice for cozy autumn evenings. Whether you go shopping or you want to enjoy walking through your neighborhood, this matching outfit will make everyone turn their heads.

French bulldog clothes for special occasions

We all know how much we care for our Frenchie to look fashionable and cute at the same time. That’s why we recommend you to check the following Denim Vest. We are sure that you’ll not find such a piece anywhere else on the internet. It’s great to wear on birthday parties and all other special occasions where your furry batpig deserves to have a special place.

 Why not bring some wild moments in buying French bulldog clothes? The following Frenchie jacket is great to wear on cold temperatures because it contains thick filling to prevent your frog dog from hyperthermia. As a Frenchie owner, you’re probably familiar with their inability to sustain low temperatures. It’s because they have short hair and flat skulls. 

This Leopard Frenchie jacket will not only keep your dog warm but will also make him the biggest star of the neighborhood.