Top 10 French Bulldog Beds-How to pick the right one?

No matter how heartbreaking may seem to evict a dog from your sleeping place, believe us, it would be the best solution. Every dog needs to have a very own sleeping place in the house. Dogs, as well as humans, should have a quality resting place. We all know there are lots of choices when buying a dog bed, however, you must observe all the aspects before choosing the right one. That’s why we want to represent you with some useful tips for picking the right bed for your French bulldog.

french bulldog beds

  1. Dog’s size

The first rule to follow when buying a French bulldog bed is choosing the right size. It’s recommended to measure your dog in a sleeping position so you could know what bed size he will fit in.

  1. Dog’s age

Older dogs are often prone to suffer from hip and joint issues, so it’s extremely important to provide them with a high-quality memory foam dog bed. Orthopedic dog beds are specially made to ease their painful joints, and to release the pain in their back.

  1. Dog’s needs

Does your Frenchie like to sleep in a frog-like position or he prefers to curl up like a ball? Your dog’s sleeping position will discover you a lot when choosing a perfect dog bed.

     4. Your budget

It’s a fact that choosing a perfect French bulldog bed much depends on your budget. That’s why you need to make deep research before making a final decision.

french bulldog beds-2

Despite the fact it’s almost impossible to forbid your French Bulldog sleeping on the furniture, choosing a cozy bed will provide him a much more attractive solution than laying on the floor. On the other hand, when you teach your Frenchie sleeping in his own bed, you’ll be able to enjoy your allergen-free bed by yourself. Note that the dog’s hair picks the most environmental allergens. If you suffer from different seasonal or environmental allergies, buying a bed for your French bulldog can be a useful tip.

The connection between a dog bed and separation anxiety

Another reason why you should consider buying your dog a bed is a fact it helps in decreasing separation anxiety. If your dog likes spending time and relaxing on his bed while you’re at home, then you can be sure he’ll feel less stressed when stays alone. That’s how he will connect his laying on the bed with your presence. Besides this fact, a dog bed will also provide your pooch with a safe place for sleeping. It’s a great way to provide your dog with a snuggle up feeling while you’re out. French bulldogs are often prone to constantly follow their owner through the house. That’s why those lovely batpigs are otherwise called lapdogs.

So, what to do?

It might be a great solution to buy your Frenchie a tent-looking bed because it will provide him with a sort of lap feeling. That’s how your furry friend will feel more protected in his tent dog bed. We recommend you to take a look at some of the most popular French bulldog tent beds:

dog tent bed

Do all dogs like enclosed spaces?

Well, the answer is no. It depends only on your dog’s personality. Do not push your pooch to spend time there if he doesn’t feel comfortable. You should make a positive connection between a dog and his bed. Try to do that by using different interactive toys and snacks. It’s similar to crate training.

The Best Selling Dog Beds for Your Frenchie

Standard dog beds

Standard dog beds look like enlarged pillows and usually have small edges. There’re also standard dog beds without any edges for those who don’t like putting their fluffy heads on edges.

frenchie bed-standard

Frenchie World Donut Cuddler Bed

Thanks to its round shape, our high-quality giant Donut Cuddler puppy bed is ideal for French bulldogs who love to curl up! The raised rim creates a sense of security and provides head and neck support, while the super-soft filling offers joint and muscle pain relief. Cozy, flexible and finished with faux shag fur, our self-warming oversized dog bed is reminiscent of a mother’s fur coat! Paired with deep crevices that allow your pet to burrow, animals will have full, restful sleep for improved behavior and better health.

 frenchie bed- donut

Romeo Frenchie World Dog Bed

This Romeo Frenchie World dog bed will provide your dog with a glamorous sleeping. The bed brings vintage rustic and sparkle glam together with this crate adorned with bow ties. Soft bed pillow in matching fabric trimmed with delicate lace. Perfect for any small prince or princess!

 frenchie dog bed-romeo

 Elephant Plush Sleeping Pillow

We bet that this fluffy elephant pillow will become your batpig’s best friend. It’s perfect for baby sleeping in bed, car, sofa, comforting mild back pain, nursing or resting on the floor. Wide body and wider arms make this backrest comfortable for baby kids of all sizes. It has high quality and comfortable material and inner. If your baby sleeping indoors or spend extended periods of time in the room, the elephant support pillow cushion is an excellent way to help your furry friend sleeping. Let your baby feel bath in the sunshine and have a good dream. It is the best choice for your little four-legged pooch.

elephant frenchie bed

 Frenchie World Breathable Sofa Mat

Frenchie World® Breathable Sofa Mat helps keep pet hair, moisture, and little pet accidents off your furniture. Pinsonic quilting is a thread-free, durable method of electronically bonding the water-resistant fabric with ultrasonic heat; no holes are sewn maximizing water resistance. The machine washable cover is easily secured with no-fuss cushion anchors and sturdy elastic bands.

frenchie bed-sofa mat

 Self-cooling pad bed

We all know that French bulldogs act very sensitive to warm weather conditions. Since they’re prone to overheating, you need to especially pay attention during their outside activity. Overheating might prove to be fatal to some dogs. That’s why you need to provide your furry friend with the appropriate cooling bed.

Luckily there are plenty of new and improved cooling beds for dogs that help give them relief during the hottest of days. A French bulldog cooling bed is usually filled with either gel or water and works best when kept out of direct sunlight. Most dogs will take a few days to get used to the pad.

Though this mat may look just like the other gel pads, the Self Cooling™ pad bed has been designed to fit onto couches perfectly – which makes sense, considering that’s where pets love to hang out.