French Bulldog Bad Breath- How To Deal With It?

We all love hugging and kissing our French bulldogs, however, besides releasing farts, they are also famous for their smelly breath. It’s true that not every Frenchie has it, but it’s good to know what to do if your dog gets it.

Why Does Your French Bulldog have Bad Breath?

Dental hygiene in French bulldogs

In most cases, your dog’s bad breath is not an alarming sign of an illness. The reason for bad breath can be found in food stuck between teeth, or due to collected tartar and plaque.

Therefore, you should pay attention to your dog’s dental hygiene. Every dog, regardless of age should get regular teeth brushing. You should start with teaching your dog this routine from an early age as soon as first baby teeth grows.

french bulldog bad breath

 Are you sure that your dog’s breath smells bad?

Since Frenchies have numerous folds one their faces, every owner should regularly clean their folds. They can smell so bad especially if there are food leftover stuck between them. So, before you become convinced that the bad odor comes from your French bulldog jaw, we recommend you to have a look at at his folds first.

We advise you daily cleaning with wet baby wipes or wet clothes because it’s the best way to prevent him from infections. To pick up the excess oil/moist, you can put a little bit of cornstarch between each of the fold.

 Health concerns and French bulldog bad breath

 French bulldog bad breath my resemble to different smells. In most cases, the smelly breath in Frenchies is associated with the smell of cabbage, fish, pee, poop, metal, iron, rotten meat, and acetone.

On the other hand, if your dog’s jaw has a sweet or fruity smell, then you gotta check his blood. Usually, it is the sign of diabetes that will include certain dietary changes.

 If your pooch has yellow gums, it may indicate to a liver disease. The dog’s gums should be pale pink and not to show any sign of infection.

In case your Frenchie’s breath smells like pee, you should see your vet immediately because it may point to issues with kidneys.

 How to solve the French bulldog’s bad breath?

Use French bulldog chew toys

As one of the best tools for removing tartar and plaque from a French bulldog’s teeth, we recommend you using toys for French bulldogs. They’re made of rubber that works as a toothbrush. The following Tooth Cleaning chew toy comes with a rope and chew parts that will attract your pooch to play.

 Another dog toy that will help you to keep your dog’s gums and teeth healthy is the following French Bulldog Beeping chew toy.

It’s made of durable silicone, and releases the beeping sound as your Frenchie chews it. It can be used on dogs of all ages, especially on those puppies that go through a painful teething phase.

Regular teeth brushing

We all know that not all dogs get thrilled by teeth brushing. However, it should become and essential part of every dog’s life. Do not use human toothpastes because they contain fluoride that is poisonous to dogs. Instead, choose dog tooth pastes with different flavors.

Slices of apples

You might heard that eating an apple replace teeth brushing. Therefore, you can give your Frenchie slices of apples as rewards for being obedient. However, not overfeed your pooch with this fruit because it’s high in sugar as well.

 Use dog dental treats

Dog dental treats are not only tasty, but they will also leave many benefits on your Frenchie. You can choose those that contain less artificial flavors for your little gremlin.