French Bulldog Backpack Carriers: Never Leave Your Dog Again

Leaving a Frenchie puppy home might sound challenging especially in case if the puppy is still not properly crate trained and hasn’t learned to spend time alone. Since this gorgeous dog breed is prone to suffer from a condition called separation anxiety, it would be great to take him or her when you need to finish several errands. That’s why we want to represent you with our French bulldog Backpack Carriers that will help you to never leave your dog again.

When to use a French bulldog Backpack Carrier?

Although most of you would tell it’s a bit silly idea to carry a dog in a backpack, believe me, it’s not! French bulldog breed is not capable to sustain long walks when you go for shopping and walking in hot weather. Their brachycephalic skulls simply limit them from enjoying hiking and walking long distances.

A French bulldog backpack carrier presents the solution in case your pooch experiences fear from being left alone. It’s suitable for both puppies and older dogs that started to lose the sense of vision or suffer from arthritis and painful joints. It’s also suitable for injured pooches that can not temporarily walk.

Dog Backpack Sack Carrier

Whether you are traveling or want to save your furry gremlin from over exhausting, our Dog Backpack Sack Carrier presents the right fit for such a situation!  It’s available in 5 colors and has an adjustable opening and wide shoulder strap with reflective stripe. The backpack is made from breathable mesh so you can be sure that your pooch will not feel hot in summer months.

The carrier can be worn in both ways (front or on your back) and is available in 2 sizes.

Frenchie World® Dog carrier backpack

Step out from the crowd by putting your Frenchie in this lovely Frenchie World Dog carrier backpack. It’s designed in multiple colors and styles and the side zipper allows you to adjust the size according to your Frenchie’s chest and belly.

Now you don’t have to search for a dog sitter because your dog may follow you on your craziest adventures. The backpack is machine washable and is extremely convenient for everyday use and travel.



Frenchie World® Dog carrier chest pack

In case you prefer carrying your pooch on your chest, don’t worry ’cause we have them all. This Frenchie World dog carrier will definitely thrill every French bulldog owner with its sophisticated and cute design.

The carrier is available in different colors and materials. For summer months you can choose a breathable mesh fabric, while for colder months there is a soft cotton fabric filled with linning.


Home Product Pet Supplies Dog Travel Walking Shoulder Bag Carrier

Why not take your dog to go shopping with you? Now you can stay both stylish and fashionable with this Dog bag carrier.

The bag is made of Oxford cloth and can be worn in any kind of a season. It’s available in 5 colors and 3 sizes.

Frenchie World® Traveler Bubble Backpack

We bet there’s no way to find a dog carrier like this one. The unique and fashionable design will definitely make everyone turn their heads for it.

The Bubble carrier is great for keeping your pup safe, especially in colder months. You can choose between a transparent cover and bubble transparent cover that serves for ventilation. The carrier is available in rose, pink, yellow and brown color.