How To Prepare For a French Bulldog’s First Flight?

If you love to travel and you want your Frenchie to follow you on your adventures, then you’re probably having many questions coming through your mind. Flying with a French bulldog might sound challenging because they belong to brachycephalic breeds. Since some airlines don’t allow French bulldogs and similar breeds on their flights, checking their rules is the first thing you have to do.

What do you need when flying with a French bulldog?

Planning a vacation with your Frenchie might sound exciting. Your dog will be by your side all the time, so you don’t have to think about whether you’ve found a reliable dog sitter or a person to take care of your pet. On the other hand, flying with a French bulldog is not always a good option. Some pooches might suffer from BOAS while owners of senior Frenchies might need to attach a health certificate too.

If you’re planning to bring your puppy on the flight, make sure to ask about any restrictions before booking. Many airlines have restrictions on size, age, and breed, while some of them can require special transport crates. In case you want your Frenchie to travel with you in the cabin, then you have to put this special note on your reservation.

Tips when planning to fly with a French bulldog

  • Use TSA approved bags for dogs

The perfect bag for your pup is both safe and airline-approved. You’ll want to make sure the size fits just right, so carefully read the size chart before ordering one for your pet. Make sure you only use a TSA-approved carrier as these are allowed in airports and easier for moving around on planes. Observing the ventilation holes on a pet carrier is also important because your Frenchie needs to feel relaxed and get enough air during flight. We also recommend you to listen to your dog’s breathing all the time to make sure everything goes well.

  • Make sure your Frenchie had a potty break

This is especially important if the flight lasts for more than 3 or 4 hours. Make sure you also bring a disposable potty pad where your dog will go to the toilet on longer flights. We still don’t recommend you to take French bulldogs on long flights, however, in certain situations, it’s hard to avoid.

  • Bring a bottle of water for your Frenchie

Make sure you bring a collapsible bottle of water for your pooch because these little fellows are prone to overheating.

By placing a piece of clothing that contains your scent, your dog will feel calmer during the flight. That’s how he/she will feel like he’s getting your support and that you’re ‘keeping his back’.

flying with a french bulldog
  • Use calming remedies in certain situations

The air at higher altitudes has a terrible effect on people and animals. The altitude can cause fluid to accumulate in your lungs, making it difficult for you to breathe properly- this is especially dangerous with short-faced breeds like Frenchies! Prior traveling brings along some natural stress relief treats (like yummy dog biscuits) as well as plenty of water from home so that they don’t get dehydrated during their flights.

  • Tire your Frenchie before a flight

A pleasantly tired French bulldog will feel less stressed during the flight. So, make sure your dog goes on a long and relaxing stroll before boarding.

  • Utilize the vents

If your dog is fussing as you board, direct the air vents towards their carrier so they are getting a cool breeze during the flight. On larger planes or international flights, there may be floor-level vents too; but French pups have short muzzles which means it will help regulate breathing and reduce stress!

Is flying in a cargo a good option for French bulldogs?

No, it’s not. We don’t recommend you to allow your Frenchie to fly in the cargo because of sudden changes in temperature and atmospheric pressure. Even though some airlines allow Frenchies to fly in the cargo, by making such a decision you’re playing with your dog’s life.

French bulldogs will feel more comfortable with you in the cabin even though the carrier should be placed under your seat. The cabin is a pressurized environment for these dogs, and you’ll also be able to check your Frenchie’s behavior during traveling. Flying with a French bulldog doesn’t need to become your nightmare. Just make sure you follow the previously mentioned tips that will surely help your dog in many ways.

What airlines accept brachycephalic breeds?

Before booking flights, make sure you read all the restrictions the airlines have about French bulldogs.

Aloha Air Cargo

Qatar Airways


Hawaiian Air

Pacific Air Cargo

Lufthansa, Etihad, Gulf Air, and Copa allow French bulldogs during the winter months under certain conditions

Air France

Air Canada




American Airlines

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