Five Best Collars For The French Bulldog Breed

If you already brought a Frenchie puppy home, then you are probably thinking about items you need to own as a first-time dog owner. Besides over needed French bulldog clothes (because of their tendency to hypothermia), there are also other items such as toys, beds, and cosmetics.

However, one of the first things every Frenchie owner should buy is definitely a high-quality dog collar. Dog collars serve to provide your pooch with all the necessary information in case of loss. The fashion comes to second place. 

You can put on your Frenchie’s collar your phone number, your dog’s name and his other features such as if he’s deaf or he suffers from diabetes.




Since Frenchies have short necks and are prone to suffer from different spinal disorders, it’s not advisable to put a leash on a collar if your Frenchie likes to pull you while having a walk. Otherwise, he can injure his spine and neck. On the other hand, if you own an adult French bulldog that acts obediently, there are no reasons why you would not use it.

Generally speaking, a harness presents a better choice because it provides support to a dog’s whole body. However, it doesn’t mean your lovely furry friend shouldn’t wear a collar at all. Dog collars are highly advisable because you can’t know what’s on your dog’s mind. No matter how much your pooch loves you, he doesn’t know how a danger looks like. Sometimes, a simple walk through a neighborhood may end up by unplanned.


Our Leopard Print collar seems like a great choice since it goes with a leash and a bowtie. The animal print presents a total hit this season, so we’re pretty sure that your little gremlin will catch everyone’s eye by wearing this set. It looks great both on males and females and is easily adjustable.

The set is great for family photos, birthdays, costume party, wedding ceremony, holiday celebration, or just a stroll down the street.


Frenchie World LED dog collar presents the perfect choice when having a walk in low light conditions. Since it’s USB rechargeable and completely safe for use, it will last a lifetime. And guess what? It comes with a Lifetime Guarantee. 

The USB rechargeable battery (cable included) gives 5 hours of illumination per 1-hour charge. A charge that will last multiple walks. No hassle with replacing batteries and no extra costs. On top of that, it’s well-constructed and sturdily built. 



High Leather Sharp Black Spikes 

If you want your Frenchie to look like a bad boy or girl, then this collar will make him/her look like that for sure! It’s available in different designs and will certainly make him/her the biggest star of the neighborhood. This kind of collar is great for taking photos, parties, and strolls, so make sure you remove it from your little gremlin’s neck every time you get back home. Spikes can be a bit uncomfortable if your pooch falls asleep 🙂 The Sharp Black Spikes collar is highly durable, made of leather, and it’s available in different sizes.


Frenchie World® Skull leather collars

We bet you will not be able to find a collar like this anywhere else. Frenchie World team has made this Skull leather collar for all trendsetters Frenchies. If you want your batpig to look ‘dangerous’ and fashionable at the same time, this collar will surely make him look like that. It’s available in black and white colors and can be ordered in 3 different sizes. Since it’s made of leather, you can be sure it will not make any skin irritations to your pooch. The skull collar is perfect for going for a walk, meetings, taking photos and other easy-going activities.