Fascinating Facts About The French Bulldog Teeth

Regular dog dental care is one of the most important routines to keep your Frenchie healthy. Having healthy teeth affect the dog’s quality of life. However, not many dog owners are aware of the fact that French bulldog teeth should be regularly brushed. Collecting plaque and tartar can cause inflamed gums and periodontal disease.

french bulldog's teeth

The most interesting facts about the French bulldog teeth

Do puppies swallow their teeth?

We all know that dogs change their puppy’s teeth. However, did you know that most dogs swallow their baby teeth while eating? You don’t have to be concerned with this fact ‘cause it’s a harmless process.

French bulldog teeth have different function

Not all French bulldog teeth are the same, just like in humans. Every tooth in a dog’s jaw has a different function. Incisors are teeth found in front of the mouth that serve for grooming and scraping.

Canine teeth are long pointy teeth that serve for locking down an object. Since dogs are carnivores and used to hunt prey in the past, these teeth help them lock the loot.

french bulldog's teeth

Dogs have more teeth than humans

Small Frenchies and other puppies have 28 teeth. In comparison to humans who have 32 teeth, adult dogs have 42 teeth, while cats have 30.

french bulldog's teeth

How much saliva do French bulldogs produce during a day?

Well, we all know that Frenchies produce a lot of saliva due to their flat muzzles. In case you were wondering what is the approximate amount of saliva they produce during a day, the answer is  4-5 cups. Therefore, you’d better prepare towels and cloths to clean your floor from your batpig’s slobber.

The dog’s saliva is antibacterial

Have you seen your dog lately licking only one spot on his body? Well, your pooch is probably doing it because he wants to heal the painful wound, cut or blister. A dog’s saliva is antibacterial and can protect the affected spot from infections. However, everything should be done within the normal limits. Otherwise, a dog can only worsen the condition.

How to take care of your French bulldog’s teeth?

Frenchies, like all other dogs, require regular teeth brushing. Tartar and plaque on their teeth can seriously ruin their dental care and lead them to periodontal disease. Periodontal disease presents an inflammation or infection that results in the weakening or loss of support structures of the teeth. Tartar is otherwise called calculus and it occurs when food and bacteria accumulate along with the gums and form plaque. There are many ways to prevent this issue and teeth brushing is one of them.

You should not use human toothpaste because fluoride is poisonous to dogs. 

Another solution for removing plaque and calculus present using different dental treats. Since there is no dog who can resist food, dog dental snacks are one of the solutions.

Using chewing toys is also another useful tool to consider. Dog toys made of rubber can gently clean your Frenchie’s teeth and prevent him from different diseases. The following one is the one I would recommend you to have a look. Whether you own a puppy who goes through a teething phase or an adult gremlin, this chewing toys might help.


Adding a Dental Water into your dog’s water bowl present the third solution. They are made tasteless and odorless, so your pooch won’t notice the difference while drinking it. It’s enough to add a few milliliters of this solution to your dog’s water.

What are the signs of periodontal disease in French bulldogs?

Unfortunately, many dog owners recognize the symptoms when their pooches come to an advanced stage. Some of the signs include bad breath, red and inflamed gums, tartar and plaque collected on teeth, blood in water or food bowls, thick saliva, facial swelling, rubbing the face with the paws or on the floor.