Does Your Frenchie Lick His Paws? Here’s Why They Do That

It’s nothing odd to see a Frenchie’s licking his paws, however, what to do when your pooch starts to do it excessively? It’s true that in some cases it doesn’t present an alarming issue but it’s good to stay aware of the possible paw health problems to happen. That’s why I want to represent every French bulldog owner about the importance of taking care of their dogs’ paws.

french bulldog licking paws

Why is Your Frenchie Licking His Paws?

  • Check for the foreign object or plant stuck

Regularly checking your dog’s paws should become your daily routine. Stuck piece of plant, pebble or sand between his toes can cause a dose of discomfort, swelling, and redness. If it’s not spotted on time, it can even grow into an infection that must be treated by a prescribed therapy.

Unfortunately, allergy can be one of the culprits for your Frenchie’s paw licking. I advise you to check for your French bulldog’s diet if he acts intolerant to a certain food ingredient. In most cases, it occurs when a dog eats food rich in artificial colors, additives, and by-products.

Environmental allergens such as pollen, dust, chemicals, and mites can present potential allergy triggers for your Frenchie. So, when you see your frog dog is desperately licking, biting and scratching his paws, he definitely wants to remove something that bothers him.

frenchie licking paws

  • Insect bites

Insect bites can make your Frenchie not only to lick his paws but he will also start acting nervous. Swollen and red spots are other symptoms that follow this condition. For calming the swollen spot, your vet will prescribe you a topical cream and antihistamines therapy.

  • Separation anxiety

You might haven’t heard for the fact that Frenchies are prone to suffer from a separation anxiety disorder. It’s actually a very common condition in companion breeds that belong to Molossus group of dogs.

Since they learned to spend time besides their owners, the moment when they experienced loneliness can cause them feeling depressed. Licking paws, excessive scratching and chewing, vomiting, howling and barking can be only some of the symptoms.

Therefore, I advise you to start teaching your Frenchie to spend time alone from his early puppyhood. Crate training as well as playing with interactive dog toys play an important role in preventing a dog from suffering from SAD. 

  • Walking on hot and cold pavements

Summer is the season when you need to pay special attention to your dog’s paws because they can easily get burned. Walking on sharp terrains, hot rocks, pebbles, and sand can lead to your Frenchie’s excessive paw licking. It’s one of the ways for cooling them off. In this kind of situations, the best solution presents buying dog socks or booties. The following dog socks are great for preventing a Frenchie from environmental allergies and hot pavements.

Regular cleaning of your French bulldog paws

In order to escape all the previously mentioned paw issues, I recommend you to pay attention to regular cleaning your batpig’s paws. You can do that by using baby wet wipes, wet cloth or the following Frenchie World paw cleaning cup.

It helps to remove all the dirt from your dog’s paws thanks to dozens of silicone pins. Put water inside of the cup and let the magic begin! The silicone pins will gently remove all the dirt stuck between the toes.


 Choose a quality French bulldog paw balm

Paw balms play an important role in maintaining the paw pads healthy. They moisturize the pads and provide a protective barrier to harmful environmental elements.

Frenchie Worldâ„¢ Paw Protection Stick heals sores, cracked and dry paw skin and contains only natural herbs and oils.