Do We Need A Covid-19 Vaccine For Dogs?

 We could all agree that the Covid-19 has never been only a human problem. So far, scientists have been concerned about the influence of this virus on dogs, cats, and other pets. Although we still can’t find detailed proof of transmission of the coronavirus from dogs to humans, scientists have discovered that cats appear to transmit the virus to other cats (so far in lab conditions). Fortunately, we are now able to become protected from the coronavirus thanks to human vaccines that have arrived. However, have you ever wondered do our dogs and cats need to get Covid-19 vaccine shot too?

Do dogs need a covid-19 vaccine?

There is a huge difference between being infected and being infectious. When someone is infectious, it means that he/she can spread the virus to others. Even though we all know that animals represent reservoirs of viruses, it’s still not confirmed if they can transmit it to people.

However, continued virus evolution in reservoir animal hosts, followed by spillback events into susceptible human hosts, poses a significant long-term risk to public health. Besides, the viruses can evolve and mutate in different animal species, so our pets might pose a potential risk for the virus to flare up again.

Due to these reasons, it’s not unthinkable that our dogs and cats will need to get the covid-19 shot to curb the spread of the infection.

Russia has announced clinical trials of Covid-19 vaccine for pets

Pet owners all around the world are concerned for their four-legged friends’ health. The good news is that Russia is close to completing clinical trials on a coronavirus vaccine for domesticated animals and minks. According to reports, this vaccine will be widely available to pet owners in a few months.

Beside Russia, the A.U.S. veterinary pharmaceutical company, Zoetis, has also started with development of Covid-19 vaccine for minks and pets. The shot will contain a modified SARS-CoV-2 spike protein that induce a strong immune response in animals.

Why vaccinate your dog? 

The answer is simple. Our pets can’t tell us if something bothers them. They can show us there is something strange going on by showing strange body language. However, sometimes, it can be really hard for us to discern any change.

Besides, every pet parent would not like to spend the rest of the life in constant cleaning the dog’s paws and avoidance of cuddling and kissing. So far, we’ve discovered that people can transmit Coronavirus to dogs and cats. Therefore, vaccination is important both for dogs and people.