Do French Bulldogs Need Jackets?

It’s an undeniable fact that French bulldogs are one of the best dogs for apartment living conditions. Since they don’t need much exercise, breed experts consider them perfect pets for city dwellers. On the other hand, Frenchies can’t sustain low temperatures, and that’s why they need to wear French bulldog jackets.

Why do French bulldogs need jackets?

We all know that Frenchies are famous for their silky and smooth coats. However, the fact is that they aren’t bred to handle cold weather conditions.  A moderate temperature is something that fits them most.

Another reason why these furry gremlins need to wear jackets is that they have short legs. Their bellies are more likely to touch the icy snow when they go for a stroll in winter.  Therefore, by keeping their bodies warm, you’ll prevent them from catching a cold.

Here we come to the last part. Frenchies’ brachycephalic skulls and short snouts make them incapable of warming up the air they inhale.

french bulldog jackets 2

What to look for when buying French bulldog jackets?

One of the main things when selecting dog outwear is to choose a jacket that covers a dog’s belly and neck. A dog should also have free legs to move. On the other hand, it also should be noted that Frenchies need to wear protective booties as well. The following dog boots are waterproof, anti-slip, and extremely warm.

 How to teach a Frenchie to wear a jacket?

The best time to start teaching a dog to wear clothes is when it’s still a puppy. You can start by dressing your Frenchie in lighter cotton clothes in the beginning, and then to gradually switch to thicker clothes. Telling him praise words, showing affection, and giving him treats will also help a lot.

 The best French bulldog jackets

 If you are searching to buy a warm Frenchie jacket, the following one might become the best choice for your pooch. It’s waterproof and easy to adjust according to a dog’s size. This vest is suitable to wear on any occasion and will prevent a Frenchie from catching a cold.

Winter Ski Dog Vest

If you a lover of printed designs that are inspired by the winter holiday season, then you’ll surely adore the following Winter Ski Dog Vest. The vest has buttons to prevent a dog’s hair from twitching and is machine washable. To save a dog’s neck from cold, we made a high collar that suits Frenchie’s thick neck.

Christmas Fleece Hooded Jacket

Is there anything cuter than seeing a Frenchie dressed in this Christmass Fleece Hooded Jacket? Not only it’s soft and cozy, but it’s also extremely warm. We are sure that your little gremlin will become a center of attention by wearing it.

Frenchie World® Hooded shiny jackets

For keeping a pup warm in those mild autumn and winter temperatures, this shiny hooded jacket can become his favorite outfit. Since the 90′ are back in fashion, you’ll surely not make a mistake by picking this plush and shiny coat for your pooch.

Paw-Tex French Bulldog Light Outdoor Jacket

Here is the solution for windy and rainy weather. This French bulldog jacket is everything you need to keep your pup dry this autumn. It’s made of highly durable material and is lightweight so your furry batpig will not feel uncomfortable to wear it.