Can French bulldogs be left alone? Revealed

French bulldogs currently take second place on the list of the most popular dog breeds according to the AKC. They are perfect companion pets that easily adapt to any environment. Since they can fit different families, and you are thinking to bring one into your family, then you probably want to know the answer to the question Can French bulldogs be left alone.


Can French bulldogs be left alone while you’re at work?

It’s not recommended to leave your French bulldog home alone for such a long period of time. They were bred to spend time with their owners and follow them around, so spending an extended time alone is not a good solution for these pooches. Otherwise, they can start suffering from a separation anxiety disorder.

Separation anxiety is a condition where the dog encounters stress every time he is left alone or does not see his owner nearby. To prevent this disorder in your furry friend, it’s essential to gradually teach him/her spend time alone. People who are away from home for more than 3 or 4 hours a day should definitely think about hiring a dog sitter. Another option could be bringing the second dog, however, it’s advisable to do it when your first pet is still a puppy so it can adapt better.

Can French bulldogs be left alone with another dog?

French bulldogs get along well with other dogs especially when they are introduced early. They like to be in the company of both humans and other animals, so owning two or three Frenchies will be the best choice.

In case you own an adult Frenchie and you want to bring a second dog into a family, then you have to do it gradually. Do not allow the new dog to interrupt your Frenchie’s space for sleeping, his toys, and bowls. Otherwise, he/she can become jealous or even start showing aggression toward another dog.

To make sure that your Frenchie will get along well with other dogs, you have to teach him socialization. It’s the key to good behavior, obedience, and friendliness. You certainly don’t want to live with a dog that will be in constant fear of other people, dogs, kids, and sounds. To shape your French bulldog into a confident pet, you have to socialize him/her from the start. Your dog should get used to the sounds of traffic, different scents, items, other animals, and unknown people.

can french bulldogs be left alone

When can I leave my French bulldog home alone?

Your Frenchie will be ready to stay home alone if you have tried to leave him alone on a few short occasions. First, start with 15 min sessions and go to another room. Give your dog toys to play with and listen to his/her reactions. Does he bark and whine? Does he nervously walk and wait for you to come back behind the door? If the answer is yes, then he’s still not ready for longer sessions of spending time alone.

Don’t forget to reward your Frenchie for obedience if he shows good behavior during your absence. Gradually extend the time, until your dog becomes able to stay home alone for at least 2 or 3 hours.

Another important note is to take your dog on a stroll before you leave him home alone. Let him run, chase for the ball, and play fetch. It’s the best way to make him pleasantly tired. The dog who feels pleasantly tired will be less prone to showing destructive behavior and suffering from separation anxiety as well.

French bulldog toys can help

French bulldog toys are of great importance for your pet because they will not only improve your dog’s intelligence but also occupy his mind. Try using interactive dog toys that can be filled with treats or peanut butter. In that way, your furry gremlin will stay entertained and the smell of food will trigger his attention.

Our recommendation is to check the following French Bulldog Dumbbell Chew Toy. Made of solid rubber, the chew treat can sustain even strong bite force while also providing gentle massage on gums to ease pain during the teething process. The space between pins can be filled with dry kibble food, so the dog will stay occupied for a long time.

Another French bulldog toy that will make your pooch work for his food is the Interactive UFO Toy For Frenchies. It will improve your pup’s curiosity, making them more engaged when you’re not around! It looks like a flying saucer with kibble inside that releases food as soon they turn it either left or right – perfect for an anxious pet who needs something distracting to stay focused on its owner’s absence

The Frenchie has never been so happy since he got this amazing discovery: Interactive UFO Toy For Frenchies.

french bulldog toys

French Bulldog Training Blanket/Mat is our third pick because it can be shaped and filled with treats in many ways. This amazing French bulldog training blanket is perfect for your pup because it can serve multiple purposes. Made of durable polyester fabric, this Frenchie mat will keep them entertained while they are left alone or just need something to do! The different sniffing mats make sure there’s always a game going on in the house – no more bored dogs waiting around all day before someone gets home from work (or wherever). With its chew-resistant material plus an easy washcloth construction with quick-dry properties, we think this dog toy will stay your Frenchie’s best companion for years!

 Leave a piece of clothing that carries your scent

Studies have shown that leaving your dog with a piece of clothing that carries your scent can prevent him from anxiety. Therefore, next time you leave the house, make sure you put an old shirt in your French bulldog’s bed so he can feel more relaxed and safe.


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