The Best French Bulldog Sunglasses! Does Your Dog Need Them?

When it comes to a dog’s vision, brachycephalic dog breeds such as Frenchies, Boston Terriers, and Pugs have prominent eyeballs that react more sensitively to sunlight. In addition to this, they’re also more susceptible to abrasions, irritations, and cuts. So, how to protect your Frenchie’s eyes from different environmental factors should be one of the concerns if you’re the owner of this breed. That’s why we want to introduce you to the Best French bulldog sunglasses and when does your dog need them.

 french bulldog sunglasses

 When Does Your Frenchie need to wear sunglasses?

 It might look weird to see a dog wearing sunglasses, but in certain situations, your pet really needs them. So, let’s discover when they can provide the essential protection to your pet’s eyes and under what conditions should be worn.

– French bulldog eyes are closer to the ground due to their flat skulls, so they are more susceptible to catch dirt and dust when sniffing. Since it’s impossible to restrict your dog’s nature from being curious to discover the world, you can protect your dog’s eyes by wearing French bulldog sunglasses. They will provide mechanical protection against different environmental allergens as well.

– If you want to go swimming with your Frenchie, then you gotta think about how to protect his eyes from salty seawater or chlorinated water from pools. Salty water entering the eyes is certainly one of the most annoying moments not only for us but also for our dogs. Therefore, good and quality French bulldog sunglasses with stretchable tying around the head would be great for keeping his eyes safe.

 In case you’re a passionate biker or hiker that likes to take his Frenchie to any kind of adventure, providing your dog with goggles is a must. That’s how you’ll protect your pet from dust, sand, and debris that may cause serious eye irritations and even infections.

 Wearing French bulldog sunglasses can also be especially helpful for protecting the eyes after surgery. If your batpig goes through recovery after a cataract removal or other interventions, wearing goggles can prevent him from scratching and causing further injuries.  Eye pains can be very annoying especially when it’s a result of abrasions of the clear surface (cornea) of the eye.

Spending time at the beach in the summer is another concern for your Frenchie’s safety. Not only the sun but also the sand can cause eye irritations during the summer season.

 What are the best French bulldog sunglasses?

Our Frenchie goggles come in 6 colors and feature an adjustable elastic band that goes around a dog’s head. You can set the size / width according to your dog’s head circumference, and since it’s stretchable, it won’t cause any discomfort.

The glasses feature UV sun protection filter which is very important when protecting a dog from harmful elements.

The edge around each glass is carefully crafted and there is even a spongy layer that provides a snugged fit around the eyes. Since it’s important to choose a quality dog glasses that won’t affect the dog’s lifestyle, eating, walking and other activities, we’ve decided to create Frenchie sunglasses that will certainly make a difference. The part between the eyes is flexible so it will make a Frenchie more comfortable to wear.

Before each wear, we also recommend you to clean them with soapy water to make them safe and disinfected for wearing.


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