The Best French Bulldog Carriers in 2020

Whether you want to travel, go shopping, or help your injured pooch, French Bulldog Carriers represent an essential tool when owning Frenchies. They are all made of breathable fabrics and cuts are carefully crafted to suit the unique body proportion of these little gremlins. Check out our list of the best French Bulldog Carriers and choose the one that will suit your pooch.

french bulldog carrier

When to use French Bulldog Carriers?

French bulldog carriers represent useful tools for carrying dogs when going to hiking, long and exhausting walks, and traveling. They can also be used in situations when your injured or senior pooch needs help due to mobility issues.

When choosing the best backpack carrier for French bulldogs, it’s important to take into account several features before making a final decision. Our great assortment offers you quilted, breathable, spacious, snug, and stylish picks that may serve different occasions.

Frenchie World® Dog carrier backpack

We all know that Frenchies belong to companion breeds that are on a higher tendency to suffer from separation anxiety if they spend plenty of time alone. That’s why it would be great to take your dog with you if it hasn’t been taught to stay home alone. Otherwise, premature leaving a dog home alone may cause destructive behavior, appetite loss, and many other issues. Therefore, those lessons should be performed gradually. Since dogs are social beings, they’re taught to live in a pack, and for your pet, you’re the leader on whom he depends.

The following Frenchie World Dog backpack carrier is made of breathable and elastic cotton and features adjustable straps and stretchable edges. Thanks to the breathable part in the middle, your pet will get the over needed ventilation and feel comfy while wearing it.


Frenchie World® Dog carrier chest pack

Made of mesh and filled with soft PU foam, this French bulldog carrier is crafted for those who prefer carrying their dogs on the chest. It features side zippers that allow you quickly dressing up and adjustable belts to customize the size. Besides you can find it in basic colors, this Frenchie carrier is also available in many colorful patterns that represent the popular pick during the summer season.


Dog Backpack Sack Carrier

When you need an extra hand to carry both your dog and the bags, this French bulldog backpack carrier will be of great help. It’s made of durable polyester fabric and it features ventilation holes and a safety belt inside the inner layer. Thanks to numerous pockets, you’ll be able to pack all your dog’s essentials such as dry kibble, water bottle, and potty bags.

There is an anti-scratch breathable mesh on both sides to allow skin breathing. The bottom shaping mat will provide your pet with a comfy feeling and essential security when traveling.

French Bulldog Mesh Travel Carrier

Specially crafted to suit using during warm weather conditions, this French bulldog mesh travel carrier will make your pooch comfy, safe, and cool during the summer. Since these pooches are prone to heatstroke if spend time in the sun, this carrier bag made of breathable mesh will shape according to your pet’s body. The mesh is durable yet elastic to support all your dog’s needs.

Hiking French Bulldog Carrier Backpack

For lovers of hiking and all those adventurous souls out there, we’ve prepared this Hiking French bulldog carrier backpack. It features durable fabric, two main adjustable belts, many side pockets to carry the dog’s essentials, and many more.

Your dog won’t feel irritated or uncomfortable because the carrier provides a snugged feeling and transparent mesh webbing to support skin breathing. There are also two reflective stripes to improve visibility.



Cozy French Bulldog Safety Car Seat

To ease your car traveling with your Frenchie, we suggest you have a look at this Safety Car Seat. It is so soft, cozy, that your dog will probably fall asleep like a baby within a few minutes of driving. This French bulldog carrier is actually a dog car seat that will relax anxious pets by making them safe at the same time.

This Safety Car Seat will add a noticeable difference, especially during long journeys when a dog needs to have a nap. The seat is easy to install and it comes with a safety belt where you should attach your dog’s harness. 



French Bulldog Carrier

Padded with foam on back and shoulders, this Frenchie carrier features ultra-durable wax canvas and breathable holes. The holes for legs are carefully sewn not to cause irritations and cuts, while the zipper on both sides serves to ease the use. There’s also an adjustable belt to customize the size according to your dog’s neck.

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