Benefits of Bringing Your Frenchie To Work

More and more companies are becoming pet-friendly as employers recognize the many benefits of having dogs in the workplace. And it turns out that having your pup around can actually help everyone; they’re not just for show! Here is why you should bring your little Frenchie to work.

  • They decrease stress levels by increasing productivity. Most dogs have an innate ability to regulate their own emotional responses, which humans do not always do well at doing on-demand when stressed – thus helping reduce high tension among coworkers who share similar stresses day after day.
  • Dogs improve social interaction. French bulldogs love to be surrounded by people and take the spotlight. Plus they’re great for breaking the ice with coworkers you may not know very well; what better reason than that?!
  • Dogs improve our health. Do you know that our furry friends leave positive effects on our bodies such as reduced blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar? That’s right! Looking at those adorable puppy eyes will release the hormone of happiness, the so-called oxytocin.
  • How about staying longer at work? Dog owners have to admit they’re always in a hurry to leave their work because their furry friends are waiting to go on strolls. However, by bringing your Frenchie to your office, you can forget about that rushing habit that annoys your boss.
  • Forget about home accidents! By having your Frenchie by your side, you can stop thinking about ruined home items, bitten shoes, and all other messes your furry friend can do.
  • Bringing your dog to work is a money-saving option. Sounds weird? Well, we all know that French bulldogs are not those pooches who can spend plenty of time alone. They love constant interaction and being surrounded by people. Therefore, instead of paying a dog sitter or dog walker, you can consider bringing your pooch to work. Note that Frenchies can start suffering from separation anxiety if spend most of the day alone.

Rules To Follow When Bringing A Frenchie To Work

Ok, let’s admit…not everyone likes dogs. However, if you work in a pet-friendly environment where your colleagues don’t mind bringing dogs to work, then why not give it a try? Since you still have to focus on work and respect deadlines, make sure your furry gremlin belongs to obedient ones. No one would like to listen to the constant barking and whining while tasks are standing behind their necks.

Therefore, to escape any uncomfortable situations at work, make sure you respect the following rules:

  • Pay attention to your French bulldog’s vaccination
  • Is your dog potty trained? If not, then it would be better not to bring it to work
  • Pay attention to hygiene rules. Someone might not want to see your dog in the kitchen at work.
  • Consider that some colleagues are allergic to dogs or feel anxious and afraid in their vicinity.
  • Make sure your dog is protected against fleas and ticks.
  • Stay prepared to bear the consequences for undesirable behavior



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