Are Stairs Bad For French Bulldogs?

When it comes to providing a Frenchie with regular activity, it’s an undeniable fact that they need it equally as food and water. However, there are some precautions that you should pay attention to when training a Frenchie. Since they can be prone to certain health issues such as hip dysplasia, you gotta know what kind of exercises to avoid. Are stairs bad for French bulldogs is probably one of the questions you’ve asked yourself at least once. That’s why we want to help you determine if your Frenchie is allowed to use stairs.

 Can Frenchies use stairs?

Since French Bulldogs have short legs, and stout bodies, they consider climbing stairs for one of the greatest life struggles. It doesn’t mean that you should forbid your pooch to use stairs. Every dog can and should use them as long as he’s doing it without any difficulties.

Stair-related injuries can range from bruises to fractures, and muscle strains. Therefore, we recommend you to observe your dog’s behavior and skills while climbing.

On the other hand, using stairs can represent an issue when a puppy is going through a period of growth. During that time, the puppy should not be exposed to hard training, otherwise, it can develop joint and hips deformities. Joints and joint sockets will suffer great pressure and will probably cause permanent injuries that will be hard to heal.

 What dogs shouldn’t be allowed to use stairs?

Frenchies with health issues

If your dog shows issues with mobility, suffers from painful joints or dog arthritis, then you should not allow him to climb stairs. French bulldogs with hip dysplasia can also find it difficult to run around, climb, and will need assistance when getting around the house. That’s why I recommend you cover your floors with non-slipping surfaces such as carpets. Many studies have confirmed that dogs who walk on slippery surfaces will be more susceptible to falling and hurting joints.

Sleek tiles, linoleum, and other slippery surfaces can be especially dangerous for puppies that go through the growing stage.

 Senior French bulldogs

Aside from the previously mentioned facts, senior Frenchies can experience issues with senses of vision and hearing. Therefore, you gotta be very careful when leaving your senior pooch home alone. Use crates, cover the floors with non-slipping carpets and put dog socks on your pet’s paws.

 Young puppies

Every Frenchie puppy should be gradually introduced to use stairs, and the best age to start is when the puppy is 12 weeks old. Since Frenchies have short legs, you should always keep your pooch on an eye and to always be in your dog’s vicinity. Never play games such as fetch near the stairs because of the possibility of unpredictable situations to occur.

How to make stairs safe for your French bulldog?

Install dog ramps

Older dogs can find it very handy to use dog ramps. They will help them roam from room to room without the possibility to slip and fall.

Regularly clean the pavements

Dusty and dirty pavements can cause your dog to slip or fall when climbing the stairs. After you clean the tiles, hardwood pavement, or linoleum, you also need to make sure that the floor is completely dry before you allow your dog to roam.

Put grip surfaces on stairs

Rubberized runners and covers for stairs can be very beneficial for your little gremlin. They will prevent your dog from slipping and getting joint and muscle injuries.

Use French bulldog carriers

French bulldog carriers look like backpacks that are specially constructed to suit dogs. Therefore, if you need to expose your pooch to a long walk during shopping or traveling, I recommend you to use a padded carrier for your Frenchie. Dog backpacks for owners can also be very handy if a dog had surgery and goes through a stage of recovery.

 Use orthopedic French bulldog harnesses

Orthopedic French bulldog harnesses come with double handles on the dog’s back. Unlike basic dog harnesses, Senior French bulldog harness features extra belts and handles. The hand on a dog’s back can be used to help a dog when climbing stairs and jumping into the car. Besides, it features reflective parts, so it can be very handy to use it in low light conditions.