Are French Bulldogs Good With Other Dogs? Revealed

Deciding to buy a dog is one of the best and the most responsible moments in our lives. However, this task also requires thorough research to ease your decision about buying the best dog breed for your family. Therefore, if you want to buy a Frenchie, then we’re pretty sure that you would like to know the answer to the following question. ’How do French bulldogs get along with other dogs’ is an important topic that will help you decide whether a Frenchie is a right pick for your home.

are french bulldogs good with other dogs

Are French bulldogs good with other dogs? Facts to consider

As you’ve probably heard, the French bulldog breed is an affectionate, confident, and playful breed that easily adapts to any type of environment. They tend to show very little aggression, but if a dog hasn’t gone through socialization lessons, he can show behavioral issues.

When it the right time to introduce a Frenchie to other dogs?

The first step in owning a dog who will be properly socialized and well-behaved is to buy it from a trusted breeder. Reliable breeders pay attention to mutual interaction between the puppies and provide them with basic socialization lessons. Besides, trusted breeders will never sell dogs who are younger than 8 weeks. It’s the approximate time a puppy needs to strengthen the immunity by spending the time beside its mother and become socialized.

When we talk about bringing a Frenchie home and introducing it to unknown dogs, you should perform it gradually. After your Frenchie got the essential vaccine shots, he should be allowed to discover the outside world.

The sound of traffic, other animals, and the scent of plants should become the basic parts of your Frenchie’s life. Therefore, be consistent, and teach your dog to act relaxed and friendly toward strangers and other animals. Use positive reinforcements in teaching such as snacks, praise words, and affection. Those three things are the main factors for tailoring your French bulldog’s friendly personality.

are french bulldogs good with other dogs

Jealousy and Stubbornness in French Bulldogs

Aside from the previously mentioned facts, Frenchies can also show stubbornness and jealousy. Since they belong to companion breeds, they’ve learned to spend time beside their owners. So, depending on how you’ve trained your batpig, he may show a territorial behavior if haven’t been taught to spend time playing with other dogs. That’s why we advise you to start with the lessons from an early age.

Another feature to mention is that Frenchies adore being someone’s center of attention. They are ready to clown around all day long just to distract you from other pets in the house. So, if you are considering living with two or more pets, the best solution would be an early introduction. In that way, your Frenchie will be less susceptible to show jealousy against other dogs or cats and will learn to share toys when playing.

are french bulldogs good with other dogs

Are French bulldogs good with other dogs? Things to be aware of

Like all other dogs, French bulldogs can act territorial against their food. Therefore, it’s nothing surprising to see your French bulldog growling at you if you try to disturb him during the meal.
When we talk about playtime, some Frenchies might find it difficult to share their toys with other dogs. Besides, they can play quite rough due to overexcitement.