Are French Bulldogs Good With Kids?

Choosing the right dog breed for a family with kids might sound challenging. However, by deciding to bring a dog to your family, you’ll teach your kids responsibility and compassion. Their childhood will be full of joy and memorable moments. In other words, dog ownership makes you have a loyal friend, entertainer, and a protector. In case you’re not sure whether the French bulldog is the right pick for your family, these facts will surely help you make a final decision.

 Are French bulldogs a good fit for families with kids?

In a few words, Frenchies are wonderful family dogs. They were bred to live and work alongside their owners and to be involved in their families. Therefore, in case you want to own a Frenchie, you need to be ready to share everything with him/her. French bulldogs have gentle and playful temperaments and like to show affection. 

Unlike other dog breeds, these little gremlins don’t require a lot of physical exercises. That’s why they are otherwise called couch potatoes. A Frenchie would rather enjoy lying on a sofa then go hiking and running with its owner. However, it doesn’t mean that you don’t need to train a Frenchie at all. To prevent this breed from obesity, you’ll need to take him/her to several short strolls during a day. It should also be noted that this breed can’t sustain going out in icy or hot weather conditions. They best fit mild temperatures when they can enjoy spending time outside. 

french bulldogs and kids

If you would ask me to describe a French bulldog’s personality, I would say that they are very similar to children. These little batpigs are ready to clown around all day long just to keep someone entertained. That’s why kids and Frenchies are known as ‘the best partners in crime’. Frenchies’ personalities perfectly match the kids’ playful temperament; however, leaving them unattended is not advisable because sometimes you can’t predict certain situations to happen. 

French bulldogs don’t show aggression toward kids, but you need to be careful in case your pup goes through a terrible teething phase. Puppies tend to chew on everything, and their teeth are incredibly sharp. Therefore, it’s the time when they can accidentally hurt someone. To help a French bulldog to overcome a teething phase, my suggestion is to buy him/her a Chew toy.


What do you need to keep in mind in case you own an adult Frenchie?

In case you own an adult French bulldog, and you’re expecting a baby, it’s essential to introduce a dog to a new family member properly. Since bringing a baby home make both you and the rest of your family excited, you need to know that your pooch will probably feel confused and frightened. In other words, he/she will not know what the hell is happening. 

Until yesterday, your little gremlin was the only being that occupied your attention, and now- Voila! Here it comes a petite human that smells different, moves strangely, and even cries?! definitely need to understand how your Frenchie feels now.

 These are the tips to do before you introduce your Frenchie with a newborn baby:

1- Change your dog’s sleeping place

If your dog sleeps in your bed, you’ll need to move him/her to another sleeping place gradually. You can make your pet sleep in his/her new place by calling him/her to come and giving him a reward. By teaching progressively him to spend time in his bed by playing with toys, you’ll be on a halfway to success.

2- Decrease the time spent in play

As you’re getting close to the date of baby delivery, my advice is to decrease the time you used to spend playing with your dog. Of course, you should not do it overnight. Otherwise, your pooch can start suffering from separation anxiety.

 3- Play the ‘baby sounds.’

Playing some ‘baby crying sounds’ on YouTube will help your Frenchie to adjust to the new sounds. I am sure that you’ll laugh to see your dog’s first reaction when you play ‘the song,’ however, it’s the only way to introduce him before you bring your baby home. 

4- When to allow a dog to meet the baby?

Even if your Frenchie acts extremely friendly toward everyone, you shouldn’t allow him to sniff the baby in the first few days. It’s recommended to allow your furry friend to adjust to the baby’s smell first. Most pooches get used quickly, however, it’s good to be on alert.

The second step presents inviting a Frenchie to sniff the baby. However, you need to keep him on a leash to prevent unplanned situations. The step of ‘inviting’ a dog is crucial because ‘inviting prevents biting’. After your Frenchie sniffed the baby, don’t forget to give him a treat and to praise him.

The last step presents allowing a French bulldog to sniff your child by taking the leash off. it should be done 2 days after you performed the previous lesson. By observing your pet’s behavior, you can determine whether the situation is safe. My advice is not to leave a baby on a bed alone but to carry it in your arms. 

5- Do not reject your dog

There is nothing worse than feeling rejected and lonely, right? Well, that’s why you should involve both your dog and your child in sharing your ‘special moments’. You certainly don’t want your Frenchie to think that good things are happening only when you two are alone.

Wrapping up

French bulldogs are maybe small in size, but their hearts are huge like lions. Therefore, you need to respect your dog. It’s true that they always share unconditional love, however, they have feelings too. If you decide that a Frenchie is a right pick for your family, you will certainly not go wrong. These furry gremlins will be your great protectors of pure hearts and playful personalities.