Are French Bulldogs Clingy? – Revealed

You might have heard that French bulldogs are clingy. They thrive for their owners’ attention and are otherwise called ‘Velcro dogs’. However, do you know the reasons for such behavior? Here are the facts that will explain you why do they like to follow us wherever we go.

french bulldog clingy
Why do French bulldogs act clingy?

If we take a look at the history of this breed, we will realize that they always served as loyal companions. Their origins go back to the 1800s when they have been crossed with toy bulldogs and local ratters from France.

According to the AKC list of most popular dog breeds in the world, Frenchies proudly take the high 4th position in homes all over the USA. Therefore, you shouldn’t be surprised by the Frenchies’ clingy behavior. French bulldogs might be small in size, but they have huge hearts and personalities and love their owners to death.

french bulldog clingy
French bulldogs and separation anxiety

In case you are searching to buy a French bulldog puppy, you need to know that this breed is not meant for humans that are often away from home. Frenchies don’t like staying home alone and because of that are more susceptible to suffer from separation anxiety.


They like to ‘work’ and spend time with their owner on the couch or to have a ‘relaxing stroll’ through the park. Since they are so friendly, you can stay surprised to see your Frenchie is making great friendships with other animals.

Separation anxiety in French bulldogs can become a life-threatening issue if it’s not treated on time. At the very thought of being left alone, Frenchies may show behavior such as whining, pacing, howling, panting, and nervously walking from room to room.

In some extreme cases, a Frenchie will try to escape through a window to search for its owner or to eat its poop. Therefore, it’s of high importance to perform gradual teaching of spending time playing with dog toys.

How to prevent a French bulldog from being clingy?

Crate training is one of the first steps to live with a well-behaved dog. In that way, a dog will have its own safe spot in the house where he can sleep, rest, and play. The crate can present an opened X-pen, baby gate, or a simple French bulldog bed.

As one of the best beds for this dog breed, I recommend you have a look at the following Donut-Cuddler Bed. Your pooch will feel safe and will be able to deep into the soft lining. In that way, you’ll make him/her less prone to experience anxiety.

Another step that can help you to deal with French bulldog clingy behavior is to occupy his/her attention in playing with toys. Since food presents one of the greatest loves after their owners, it would be great to provide your pooch with an interactive dog toy.

The following Interactive egg will release a tasty treat every time your dog rolls it. You can even choose the level difficulty, so your dog can face a new ‘game’ every time you leave it home alone.


Different chewing toys can also stop your Frenchie from chewing on home items. Beside they help in dealing with tartar and plaque, they also keep your pooch entertained. The following Tooth cleaning toy is one of the best selling items that is made of completely safe materials.

The Velcro dog syndrome in French bulldogs can also be prevented by making a dog pleasantly tired. Despite the fact Frenchies are known as ‘couch potatoes’, they also require to be regularly exercised. Taking your batpig to stroll will prevent him/her from being overweight and will make him/her less prone to make house accidents. Chewing on home items can be induced not only by a dog’s anxiety but also by his/her boredom.