Abandoned French Bulldogs: How Can I help?

In the last few years, there is a growing number of the popularity of owning a French bulldog breed. However, besides this great fact, there’s also a growing number of abandoned Frenchies as well. Unfortunately, it happens due to people’s irresponsibility. Since Frenchies have a tendency to suffer from a number of health problems, when the owners face with those problems and figure out they’re not capable to pay high medical treatments, the ‘easiest’ way becomes abandoning the dogs.


Whose fault is it?

A high percentage of French bulldogs develop certain health problems throughout their lives, including hip dysplasia, breathing issues, cherry eye, skin diseases and many other. All those conditions result in a poorer quality of life and often require veterinary interventions (surgeries).

On the other hand, there is also an important thing that every future Frenchie owner should know. There are Frenchies that never show any of the health issues throughout their lifetime. The key to getting a healthy litter of pups is in responsible breeding.

 People often get thrilled when finding a puppy on sale for a small amount of money. However, they’re not aware of the consequences they’ll experience later. No healthy French bulldog puppy can cost cheap. Responsible and trusted breeders spend a lot of energy, time and money for producing a healthy litter of French bulldog puppies.

There’s a solution for all those lonely furry friends…

Since the trend of abandoning dogs still continues, and the Frenchie World is a globally recognized brand, we decided to create the Frenchie World Lifestyle Brand. It is the collection where all of the profit goes to charity. To be more specific- we help dog shelters that continuously help abandoned French bulldogs. Each sale provides 3-5 meals for abandoned French bulldogs in shelters or rescues.

Here you can find a complete offer of items whose purchase goes for charity purposes.

Frenchie World Community Member Men’s Cotton Crew Tee

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 Where’s My Coffee Mug

Hello to all the Frenchie People! We bet there’s no person who doesn’t start a day by drinking a morning coffee. This mug is perfect for coffee, tea, and hot chocolate and describes the morning mood of all coffee lovers.


Paws Case-Mate Slim Phone Cases

Let your Frenchie always follow you wherever you go! The phone case is something over needed that serves not only to protect your phone but also to remind you of something/someone you love. In this case, it can be your furry little gremlin that will pop out from your pocket or a bag every time you hear your phone ringing.

This premium, super slim case fits flawlessly, in the meantime being the strongest, lightest and most flexible case on the market. The surface is perfect for high-quality prints, making it a must-have style accessory.

Frenchie Is My Valentine Women’s Tee

This feminine-cut classic tee provides a fashionably casual look. A signature style from Next Level, super-soft boyfriend tee is instantly loved by all who wear it. There’s only one Valentine in the World and that’s your Frenchie. No boyfriend can replace such a love that your little batpig gives you. 🙂


Frenchies With Attitude Unisex Fitted Tee

An ultimate item in every active person’s wardrobe. Super soft, fitted cotton tee is really comfortable and will serve for a long time. You can wear it any time of the day, and make a unique and outstanding look.

Frenchies Overload Fleece Blanket

There’s no better feeling than sitting on the couch with your lovely Frenchie sleeping in your lap. Besides snacks, while watching TV in the evening there’s only one thing missing for complete comfort. This Frenchie Fleece Blanket will make warm both you and your doggie and presents the perfect choice both for traveling, car use or a simple chilling on the couch.




Pardon My French Towel

Since some of you are already making plans for spending a summer vacation, this towel presents an over needed accessory. It’s a perfect gift for anyone who adores spending time on the beach and swimming all day long.

So, what else do you need? It’s your lovely Frenchie, of course.