7 Finest French Bulldog Coats for 2019

Winter is the time when children most enjoy playing in the snow. And, who are children’s best buddies in crime? We talk about dogs, of course.

However, when we talk about French Bulldogs in cold weather conditions, they always need an extra layer. If you’re a proud Frenchie owner, you need to act very cautiously by taking them outside in winter. That’s why we want to represent you with our finest French bulldog jackets for 2019.

1. All Over Frenchie Snowsuit

French bulldog breed is known for its rapid loss of body heat. Unlike other dog breeds (for example some mountain dog breeds), these lovely batpigs can’t stand being outside for a long time in winter.  The same thing happens in summer. Due to their shortened nostrils and brachycephalic head, this breed can easily become dehydrated. Therefore they’re also considered for the best apartment dogs in the World.

This high-quality French bulldog snowsuit is perfect for enjoying endless snow activities. It has the extra long leg length and abdominal coverage that will keep your dog warm in the worst winter conditions. Its nylon shell keeps your fellow’s normal body heat and is available in two colours.

2. Frenchie’s Winter Jacket

Every dog owner should know his dog’s ability to walk in certain weather conditions. When a dog’s feeling unpleasantly outside, he’ll try to tell you through his body language. Some of the most common symptoms of hypothermia are trembling and holding up legs while walking. This lovely winter jacket is specially designed to keep your Frenchie’s back and belly warm. It’s made of pleasant fabric and is available in two colours.

3. Luxury Leopard French bulldog coat

Do you want your gangsta Frenchie to stand out from the crowd? Well, with this Luxury Leopard dog coat he definitely will not go unnoticed. It’s ultra soft and comfy, and what is most important- it will provide your furry friend with warmth.

4.Vintage Pilot Leather Dog jacket

If your French bulldog is your real-life co-pilot and likes to follow you on your daily adventures, then he pretty much deserves this vintage style jacket. Your puppy will feel cosy with this faux fur doggy coat, while its inner layers are ready to guard him against the coldest weather.

5. Frenchie World Transparent waterproof dog coat

How many times you went for a walk with your furry friend and then…Voila! Here it comes the rain! You’re already thinking about drying your four-legged friend’s fur when you come back. However, what about putting this lovely dog raincoat in your pocket the next time you go out? It really takes up only that little space and provides your dog full coverage from head to tail.

6. Luxury Princess Pink French bulldog coat

Well, hello Princess! This is a special girly edition! Is there anything cuter than seeing a Frenchie girl walking down the street in this faux fur coat? We bet there isn’t. For all those French bulldog princesses who’re waiting for their prince to come, this coat is made to catch everyone’s eye.

 7. ‘80s Retro Shiny Jacket

We all know the ’80s are back in fashion. Therefore, if you’re the same piece of cake who adores this kind of style, your batpig and you will now be ready to hit the streets. The jacket is waterproof and is available in three colours.