7 Adorable Blankets For Your French Bulldog

In case you are searching for a blanket for your French bulldog that will serve as great playing pad or an extra layer during cozy evenings, then you are at the right place. Frenchie World blankets are designed with a lot of love to protect your dog both from cold and to keep your environment clean. We suggest you check out some of the finest and cutest French bulldog blankets you’ll ever find.

Fluffy Dog Sleeping Pad Blanket

We all know how much Frenchies like to spend time snuggled on the carpet. That’s why we decided to make a blanket that can be used both as a sleeping pad or a dog bed. In case your pooch likes to sleep and rest everywhere in the house, then buying him a blanket can become the best choice. This blanket is available in many sizes and designs so you can choose your favorite one.


Soft French Bulldog blanket

As a French bulldog owner, you are probably familiar with their need to have an extra layer during cold and cozy evenings. Regardless of the part of the year, your furry friend should have a soft dog blanket when resting on cold and wet surfaces.

For example, if you went on a picnic, a Frenchie blanket can serve as great protection of environmental allergens such as pollen, and dust. Note that French bulldogs have sensitive skin that easily becomes affected by an allergy.

Crochet Knitted Blanket

The following French bulldog blanket can become your favorite home addition not only because of its design but also because of the coziness it provides. We are sure that both you and your fluffy gremlin will sleep like babies on this Crochet Knitted Blanket. 

It’s available in vast colors, and your Frenchie will definitely become thrilled by sleeping on it. Since it’s extremely soft, it can serve as a great resting pad for older dogs that suffer from painful joints. 

Frenchies Overload Fleece Blanket

Whether you are spending time on the beach or somewhere else in nature, this French bulldog blanket will keep your dog’s fur clean of dust, sand, mud, and pollen. It’s available in 3 sizes and presents an essential when owning a Frenchie. 

Frenchie World x Nickola Fleece Blanket

We are sure you’ll not be able to find a Frenchie blanket like this anywhere else. Frenchie World team and Nickola Nickolov decided to make a limited edition sale for only 100 fastest customers. So, in case you like to own a unique Frenchie blanket that is not only supremely soft but also warm, then you’d better hurry up!

3D Shaped French Bulldog Blanket

Here is a giant Frenchie sleeping on your bed! Imagine your Frenchie’s face when you show him this crazy blanket! We are sure that he’ll get confused by seeing those XL bat ears and round eyes attacked his owner’s side of the bed. Since this blanket is made in different sizes, you can use it both for you and your four-legged pooch. 

 From now on, you’ll not have to argue who took the bigger part of the blanket. Giant Frenchie is ready to warm you all!

Frenchie Hooded Blanket

 Is there anything better than sitting on a balcony in the evening with your Frenchie puppy sleeping in your lap? Well, this Frenchie hooded blanket will definitely make both of you feeling snuggled while sharing those lovely moments. It has a fluffy interior and a hood for the owner for maximum coziness and warmth.