6 Reasons Why Does Your French Bulldog Stink So Bad

We all know that we can’t expect our dogs to smell like flowers. Rolling into the grass, mud, and picking up the dirt from the environment is something we can’t forbid them. However, if you’re wondering why your French bulldog smells so bad even if you pay attention to its hygiene, here are the reasons to discover.

 The reasons why does your French bulldog smell so bad

French bulldog smelly ears

French bulldog ears are the main trademark on their bodies. Standing erect on the top of their heads, these lovely body parts are susceptible to catch dirt, plant pieces, and environmental allergens. So, if you’ve noticed that bad smell comes from your dog’s ears, it’s the ultimate time to check them for an infection.

Ear infections may occur due to many reasons, and yeast overgrowth is one of the most common. Warm, dark, and moist places on a dog’s body are the places that can be susceptible to bacteria growth. To escape issues and bad smell coming from your Frenchie’s ears, we suggest you use the following Spirit French bulldog ear cleaner. It releases itchiness, minimizes irritations, and prevents ear mites and ticks.


 Tail pocket infection in French bulldogs

Even though Frenchies don’t have tails, they have a hidden place called a tail pocket. It is located under the root of the tail and it is prone to collecting debris and feces. That’s why it’s important to regularly check for this spot and to clean it by using a wet cloth or wet baby wipes.

If the anal opening is swollen, red, and irritated, then there’s a high possibility that your dog developed an infection. In that case, you need to take him to see a vet in order to get an antibiotic therapy.

 Skin infections in Frenchies

Thanks to numerous folds found on their bodies, Frenchies are prone to collecting moisture, dirt, and allergens. Folds represent the perfect spots for an overgrowth of bacteria and other microorganisms.

On the other hand, an allergy can be another culprit of your dog’s bad smell. Since it’s followed by itchiness, a dog can hurt the skin and cause micro-cuts on the skin that become susceptible to infections.

To pick up the excess moisture from your pet’s folds, you can sprinkle cornstarch between each.

Bad breath

 There’s nothing worse than a bad breath coming from your Frenchie’s mouth. A fishy odor is caused by bacteria build up in his mouth, as well as by collected tartar and plaque. On the other hand, the persistent bad breath often points out to gastrointestinal problems. Besides, specific diseases can also cause bad breath such as issues with kidneys, liver, or some other organs.

 To keep your French bulldog’s teeth healthy and free of tartar and plaque, we recommend you to use some of the following chew toys. This one is made of durable rubber and it releases the beeping tone as your pet chews it.

 Another great tool to strengthen the dog’s jaws and teeth and to keep them shiny and healthy is the following Toothbrush Chew toy.

You can fill it with a dog toothpaste or some other treats when you want to reward your pet.

Lack of grooming

Despite the fact Frenchies have short coats, they need to be regularly groomed by using different dog grooming brushes. Choosing the right shampoo for a French bulldog is also important since cheap shampoos are often rich in parabens and artificial fragrances that may cause irritations.

That’s why we recommend you choose a French bulldog shampoo made on a natural basis. Since it contains Aloe Vera, it will help your Frenchie to ease itchiness to solve flaky skin. You can choose between 6 types: Smooth and Moisture Fluffy type of skin Treating skin diseases, itchiness, allergy, etc. Special for red-brown hair Special for white hair Special for cats


French bulldog’s smelly paws

If your dog’s paws smell like popcorn, cheese, or french fries, then he probably suffers from a yeast infection. Itchiness, flaky skin, greasy hair, and unusual smell often point out to this fungus overgrowth.

It’s also important to mention that hormonal imbalances and allergies, can also increase your dog’s risk for suffering from a yeast infection and not only his weaken immunity. To heal those tiny body parts, your vet will prescribe you an anti-fungal therapy. When your Frenchie’s paws get back to normal, you can clean them with a solution made of  50 % of water and 50 % of apple cider vinegar. This solution is one of the best homemade remedies for treating and preventing yeast infections on dogs.

When we talk about using paw balms, we suggest you use the following Paw Protection stick. It prevents pad cracking and provides the protection made on a natural basis. Ingredients such as beeswax, almond oil, olive oil, and coconut oil soothe the pads, and help in releasing itchiness.