15 Must-Have Accessories for your French Bulldog

Who can resist those adorable smushed faces and French bulldog’s affectionate nature? As a French bulldog owner, you were probably thinking about some must-have accessories your Frenchie will need this season.

Whether you are searching to find a perfect Collar or a Harness for your Frenchie, or you need a carrier so he can follow you on your wildest adventure, Frenchie World online shop has them all! Here is the list of Best 15 Must-Have Accessories for your French bulldog:

1. Summer Cooling Vest

We all know that the French bulldog breed is prone to overheating. Therefore, I highly advise you to think on time on how to keep your pooch safe and cool during the summer. The following product protects your dog’s heart and chest region from heat stress. It also protects from the sun so you can make sure his skin will not get any burns due to UV rays.

Since it’s made of highly absorbent material, it will keep your furry friend’s body temperature in optimal ranges for a long period of time. You should use it by soaking it in cold water, wring it and dress your pooch.


2. Frenchie World® soft padded harness

Finding the right French bulldog harness presents another important accessorize when owning a dog.  Due to their short and thick necks, Frenchies seem uncomfortable wearing collars. It’s true that they both need a collar and a harness, however, when teaching a dog to walk beside your leg, I highly advise you to use a harness. 

The following harness is made of soft-padded material that will not make any skin irritations in your pooch and will prevent him from chocking.

3. Frenchie World® 2-in-1 Travel Bottle Bowl

 From now on, you can make sure your pup will always have both food and water wherever you go. This travel bottle bowl consists of 2 separate bowls that keep your dog’s dry kibble fresh and dry.

A water case is carefully separated to keep the water clean all the time. Flip open the lid to dispense treats or kibble, then pop open the cap top to pour a cool drink of water in the attached collapsible cup.

The travel bottle is available in vast colors and is very practical to carry around.

4. Personalized Engraved Frenchie Collar

In case your Frenchie learned to act obedient when walking on the leash,  then this Personalized Engraved Frenchie Collar presents an over needed accessorize for your little gremlin.

Since Frenchie World Team thinks on your dog’s safety, now you can be sure your furry friend will have all the important ID information around his neck. You can place your dog’s name and your phone number in case of emergency. The collar is made of a highly resistant material that comes in different colors and designs.

5. Summer French Bulldog Cooling Bandana

Another great product for preventing your pooch from overheating is this French bulldog cooling bandana. It is made of a special cooling technology fabric which can resist heat and help with natural cooling of your Frenchie.

You should use it by putting a cooling bandana in the water, twist it dry, and then apply it on your dog’s neck. For the best effect, you can put it in the fridge for 10 minutes.

6. Frenchie World® Anti-Choke Slow Eating & Drinking Bowl

As a French bulldog owner, you probably became familiar with your dog’s habit of fast eating. Unfortunately, the result is stomach flatulence and releasing evil-smelling gasses. So, in order to prevent your four-legged friend from these issues, I recommend you to consider buying this anti-choke slow-eating and drinking bowl.

The bone inside of the bowl rotates as the Frenchie tries to get the food and prevents him from choking.

7. Dog Pedicure

Regular trimming of your dog’s nails presents one of the most important rules when owning a dog. In that way, you’ll prevent your pup from ingrown nails and improve his traction.

This trimmer is the newest and fastest way to keep your pet’s nails trim rounded and smooth with no mess caused by traditional nail clippers. It causes no pain and any kind of trauma.

8. Frenchie World® IQ Treat ball interactive food egg

This IQ Treat ball can become your dog’s favorite toy in case of staying home alone. Since French bulldog breed is prone to suffering from dog separation anxiety, it’s highly important to figure out how to keep him entertained when there’s no owner who can he play with.

Every time your Frenchie rolls the ball, the IQ ball will release treats to make him entertained. In that way, he will need to work for his food and can enjoy chasing in the house.


9. Frenchie World® Shark life swimming vest

French bulldogs are not great swimmers because of their short and compact bodies. That’s why I recommend you to keep your dog’s safety in the first place and to always dress him a life swimming jacket when you go swimming. A Frenchie will always feel more confident and secured when wears a life jacket in deep water.

Frenchie World Shark swimming jacket is easy to grab in case of emergency because of the handle. It is made of high-standard waterproof material that will not let your pooch to sink. Thanks to Velcro straps, you can adjust the size that will not restrain your dog’s neck and chest.

10. Frenchie World® Transparent waterproof raincoat

Another item that every dog owner needs to have is a dog raincoat. Frenchie World raincoat can fit in your pocket, so you’ll provide yourself a state of mind to know that your dog’s coat will always stay dry. 

You will especially like the hood because it will protect his sensitive ears. The hood is big enough to cover your dog’s head and not constrict the ears. The raincoat is also very adjustable so you can cover your doggie from tail to nose.

11. Frenchie waterproof car seat cover

No matter how much you love your French bulldog, you probably get annoyed to see his hair everywhere. For the best car seat protection from unplanned messes and hair, I highly advise you to check this Frenchie waterproof car seat cover that will keep your dog’s hair inside the seat.

It’s the easiest way to protect the backseat of your car, SUV or truck from dirt, spills, scratches, and fur. No more leaving your best friend at home with the easiest, most convenient way to keep the back of your vehicle clean.


12. Dog Backpack Sack Carrier

From now on, you will not have to leave your pooch home alone. It’s perfect for emergency situations when you have to finish a few errands or you need to travel a long distance.

The backpack is made of breathable mesh that provides your Frenchie with adequate ventilation and keeps him cool. Adjustable straps help you to balance weight and makes it more comfortable wear.

This great product is suitable for hiking, long walks, camping, shopping, going on bike rides and other outside activities. Why not let your pooch enjoy a soothing stroll while keeping your hands free?

13. Frenchie World® Snuflemat for IQ development

Make your Frenchie work for his food! With this fun sniffing mat, your frog dog will stay entertained for a long period of time.

Put his favorite snacks inside the mat and let the party begin! It presents a useful tool for preventing him from chewing on home items or developing separation anxiety.

14. “Silky Paws” balm by Frenchie World

Frenchie’s tiny paws work a lot for their bodies! Therefore, you need to take care of his sensitive paw pads and to clean and soothe them regularly. Otherwise, you batpig may develop a condition called Pododermatitis.

This Silky Paws balm is rich in grapeseed oil, sweet almond oil, peppermint oil, and lemon citronella oil. The mix of these ingredients is great for keeping your dog’s paws hydrated and for preventing of becoming cracked and irritated.

15. Frenchie World® Breathable Sofa Mat

For keeping your bed or sofa free from your French bulldog’s hair, I recommend you buying this Breathable sofa mat. In that way, your furry gremlin will be able to sit by your side and enjoy cuddling.

The plush micro fleece side of the blanket is made of durable water repellent fabric. The machine washable cover is easily secured with no-fuss cushion anchors and sturdy elastic bands.