11 Best Gifts For a Frenchie Mom

Owning a Frenchie definitely makes our lives better! Their adorable wrinkles, bat ears, and huge eyes are something that makes them irresistible! As a French bulldog owner, you probably want to show love for those furry gremlins.

That’s why we decided to provide you with the best gift ideas for Frenchie Moms. These French bulldog gifts will definitely thrill every batpig owner.

“French Moustache” Spring hoodie

Who has told that Frenchies can’t have the mustache as Salvador Dali’s? This hoodie will definitely put a smile on every Frenchie mom. It’s perfect for casual everyday wear and becoming spotted in the neighborhood. Why not show everyone that you are a proud batpig owner? 



Flannel Women Pajamas

Spending a lazy weekend with your lovely little gremlin now can get a totally Frenchie sense. This super cute Flanner Women Pajama set is perfect to keep you cozy and warm! Your Frenchie will definitely adore sitting in your lap and enjoy the soft and silky feeling this pajama provides.


Frenchie World® Women French Bulldog pool sliders

No summer is complete without wearing these cool French bulldog sliders. They can be worn on any hot day occasion. Whether you are going to the pool or to the beach, sliders are an inevitable part of every woman’s wardrobe. We bet every French bulldog mom would like to have a pair of these sliders, so hurry up to get one!


Winter Women’s French Bulldog Socks

Frenchies are everywhere! They decided to totally take control over your life and no life is complete without a pair of great socks. They are available in 5 colors so it’s only up to you which one you will pick today. Cute french bulldogs will bring a smile to anyone’s face! Share your puppy love with these cool socks!

925 Sterling Silver Bulldog Beads

Let your Frenchie always stay with you by wearing this 925 Sterling Silver Bulldog Beads! If you are bored of wearing basic business clothes at work and you want to break the monotony, then why not to make your outlet special every day? These French bulldog beads are the best way to show your attitude and love for Frenchies.


Women’s French Bulldog Bubble Gum T-shirt

Have you fallen in love with this shirt too? It’s made of organic cotton and presents the perfect fit for sunny days. No matter what occasion is, this popping up Frenchie head will definitely brighten your every day. And you know what? We also thought of men, so both of you and your boyfriend can show some love for those gorgeous gremlins by wearing the same shirt.


No life is perfect without having friends, especially for women. If you are going to meet your friends, then don’t forget to put this T-shirt on. We are sure they will be thrilled when they see you wearing it. Enjoy your coffee and have a great gossip party meeting!

Geometric French Bulldog Necklace & Pendant

If you are searching for a unique gift that will always remind you of your batpig, then this necklace will definitely make you special every day. It can be worn in any kind of occasion whether you are going to work or to a birthday party.

French Bulldog Strap Clutch

If you thought this is a teacup Frenchie then you’re wrong. This marvelous and unique-looking clutch bag is great for putting keys, money, mirror, and lipstick when you need to finish a couple of quick errands. And of course, it will always remind you that your furry gremlin is waiting for you to come back home.

Frenchie Mom T-Shirt

Good morning to all Frenchie moms! How many times you saw your furry friend’s starring and waiting for you to get up? Is this face something that you first see every morning? Well, you’d better get up, ’cause your lovely pooch hears some strange noise coming from his belly. 


Mother of Frenchies T-shirt

Every French bulldog mom should be proud of owning such a wonderful dog. Those furry bunches of wrinkles can really make our days with their playful temperament and kind nature. This shirt presents the perfect gift for every Frenchie mom who treats her dog like her own child. In the end, our dogs are our children, right?