100 Most Popular French Bulldog Names- From Celebrities to Famous Instagram Dogs

Frenchies take the world by storm! Their silly personalities, iconic appearances, and huge hearts are something that will steal everyone’s attention. In 2018, French Bulldogs took the 4th place in homes all over the USA and the 1st place in NYC.

These famous and glamorous city dwellers easily adapt to any kind of environment and act friendly with people, kids, and even unknown dogs. In other words, they know how to deal with anyone. 

Thanks to the celebrity trend of owning French bulldogs, we predict that they are soon going to take the 1st place in homes all over the world. It’s time to take Labrador Retrievers off the throne!

If you already made a decision to own a Frenchie, then you are probably thinking to give him/her a name that will fit his lively personality and unique appearance. That’s why we decided to present you 100 most popular French bulldog names of all times. 

From celebrity Frenchies to famous Instagram and history stars, these French bulldog names will definitely thrill you!


 French Bulldog Female Names

1. Annabelle


3. Alicia

4. Asia

Asia is not only a famous Instagram star (she has more than 236k followers), but also lives with the World’s most popular singer and actress Lady Gaga. Besides Alicia, Lady Gaga is the owner of 2 other Frenchies called Koji and Gustavo.

In addition to massive Internet fame, Lady Gaga has also secured a modeling contract for her small dog Miss Asia Kinney, with COACH. She can be seen sporting a trendy collar as part of the “Coach Pups” Campaign.

5. Amelia

6. Angel

  • 7. Baby
  • 8. Bella
  • 9. Beatrice
  • 10. Barbie
  • 11. Bliss
  • 12.Bubby
  • 13. Cindy
  • 14.Caron
  • 15. Pippa
  • Why not always staying classy as John Legend’s and Chrissy Teigen Frenchie Pippa? Pippa’s best partner in crime is the English bulldog called Puddy.
  • 16. Daphne
  • 17. Daisy
  • 18. Victoria
  • 19.Sindy
  • 20. Pepper
  • You will only need a few swipes through Reese’s Instagram page to see that she adores animals so much. Frenchie female Pepper is definitely the luckiest dog you’ll ever find.  
  • 21. Rose
  • 22. Lady
  • 23. Penelope
  • 24. Betty
  • 25. Paris
  • 26. Molly
  • 27. Ruby
  • 30. Shelby
  • 31. Nala
  • 32. Lulu
  • 33. Pearl
  • 34. Olga
  • On the following image, you can see the Pop Queen Madonna’s French bulldog Olga spending a great time on the beach!
  • 35.Maggie
  • 36. Gracie
  • 37. Minnie
  • 38. Laura
  • 39. Zoey
  • 40. Coco
  • 41. Juno
  • We must admit that Juno is a lucky girl! Her owner Michael Phelps and his adorable family live an active, healthy lifestyle, so it’s very important to them that their dogs do the same.  

  • 42. Cherry
  • 43. Pumpkin
  • 44. Lola
  • 45. Ellie
  • 46. Lucy
  • 47. Izzy 
  • Meet a pint-sized Joan Rivers in doggie world. This furry fashionista comes from East Hampton, New York. Otherwise called Isabel, she gained a large internet and social media following in 2018.
  • Thanks to her owner Rick Hendrix, we are able to see her crazy adventures and the latest fashion outfits. Izzy the Frenchie Instagram page has over 126.000 followers. She has been featured in Vogue Magazine and pop culture Paper Magazine. 
  • Izzy has also made a great success on MTV, NBC, The Today Show, CBS News, and NY1. She’s also the part of Pet insider Team and the ambassador for a luxury hotel the Plaza Hotel in NY in 2018. With more than 132k Instagram followers, Izzy the Frenchie simply thrills with their sassy and classy photos. 
  • 48. Hazel
  • 49. Gigi
  • 50. Lily
  • French Bulldog Male Names

  • 1. Gustavo 
  • Look at this handsome guy! This lucky Frenchie mas is the proud pet of Lady Gaga. He is born in 2016 and has been Lady Gaga’s dog since the end of 2016.
  •  2. Gremlin

    3. Tito

    4. Duke

    5. Timon

    6. Gamin de Pycombe 

    Gamin de Pycombe was a male French bulldog that was born in January 1910.  His owner, Robert Williams Daniel, took him on the Titanic and while  Robert survived the sinking, unfortunately, Gamin did not. Gamin was bred by the Gwendoline Romilly of what would later be the “Taplow” kennel. He was sired by CH Charlemagne of Amersham, a French import to Britain who became Britain’s first pied champion Frenchie, and who later was the first Frenchie to be a champion in both the UK and the USA.Mr.Daniel had bought the dog in England for a very high price of £150 (about £11,000 or $17,000 in today’s prices).


    7. John

    8. Koji

    Check out another Lady Gaga’s furry friend called Koji!

     9. Edward

    10. Kingston

    11. Romeo

    12. Charlie

    13. Casanova

    14. Gérard

    15. Marcel

    16. Pierre

    17. René

    18. Pascal

    19. Windsor

    20. Popeye

    The World famous Desperate Housewife, Eva Longoria, is a proud owner of a Frenchie boy named Popeye since 2015. 


    21. Diego

    22. Rocco

    23. Rufus

    24. Cooper

    25. Leo

    26. Brutus

    27.  Hobbs

    Sadly back in 2015, Dwayne Johnson’s Frenchie Brutus (shown here on the left) needed to be put asleep after eating a toxic mushroom. Thankfully he still owns Hobbs (on the right).


    28. Oliver

    29. Zeus

    30. Ziggy

    31. Oscar

    32. Napoleon

    33. Milo

    34. Django

    Leonardo di Caprio is also a French bulldog lover. He named his Frenchie Django.

    35. Marley

    36. Skip

    37. Kimi

    38. Frankie

    39. Bentley

    40. Gus

    41. Storm

    42. Jake

    43. Kingsley

    44. Leopold

    45. Prince

    46. Sebastian

    47. Jason

    48. Alejandro

    49. Damien

    50. Luke

     French bulldog name trends

    We hope you’ve found the right name for your Frenchie. In the end, it depends only on you. Your dog’s coat color, temperament, and style will definitely affect your final decision. On the other hand, many people follow the trends set up by their favorite celebrities.

    In case you are not sure what name will fit your Frenchie the best, our advice is not to choose the name that sounds like a command. It can be very difficult for your puppy to make a difference between a name that sounds like a command such as stay, sit, and come.

    Whatever the decision you make, the only important thing is to provide your furry gremlin with plenty of love, best care, and quality nutrition. Your French bulldog’s quality of life will always depend on these 3 rules.