10 Tips To Cool Off A French Bulldog In The Summer

Keeping a French bulldog cool in the summer is one of the most challenging tasks for most dog owners. Since these little gremlins have brachycephalic skulls, they can’t regulate their body temperature, so we have to think about how to make them feel pleasant during the summer months. The following tips will help you keep your dog safe so you can both enjoy summer adventures.

How to keep a French bulldog cool in the summer?

Hot weather and French bulldogs, don’t go hand in hand. Besides brachycephalic skulls, Frenchies have short legs so their bellies are close to the ground. This feature makes them prone to absorb the heat from hot surfaces. To keep your furry gremlin safe and cool, you gotta try the following tips.

  • Let your Frenchie sleep on a summer cooling bed

Summer-cooling beds represent a great option for keeping your furry friend cool in the summer. They are usually filled with gels that provide a dog with a pleasant cooling effect. The outer layers are also made of waterproof and cold-in-touch fabric that is easy to clean.

Our best-selling product is the Self Cooling™ pad bed which comes in 4 sizes. It can be placed over your French bulldog’s bed and for the best effect, we recommend you to place it in the coldest room in the house. Keep it out of direct sunlight because the gel filling can become warm when exposed to heat.

  • Your dog must drink enough water

To prevent your furry friend from overheating, giving him plenty of water is essential. Make sure your Frenchie always has fresh water for drinking both inside and outside the house. Water bottles with collapsible bowls are ‘must-have’ items for spending a peaceful time outdoors with your Frenchie.

We recommend you have a look at the following Portable travel water bottle that comes with a hook to attach the bottle to the leash. The bottle is available in different colors, and it’s made of quality and solid plastic.

  • Let your dog wear a self-cooling collar

Similar to the summer cooling beds, dog cooling collars usually feature gel filling inside. To get the best effect, you have to place the collar in the fridge to cool off for a couple of minutes. Since the neck on everyone’s body is known as a ‘refreshment spot’, a dog cooling collar will keep your Frenchie safe from heatstroke. Your dog’s head temperature will remain normal, so he/she will be able to spend more time outside in the summer.

  • Dog summer vests are ‘must-have’ items during summer

Summer cooling vests for French bulldogs are made of a special heat-resistant fabric that will protect your dog’s skin from harmful UV rays at the same time. To use the Summer Cooling Vest on your batpig, you have to soak the vest in the cold water, put it in a box, and let it cool down in the fridge for a few minutes. Your furry friend will stay safe from heatstroke by wearing this vest because it will regulate his body temperature while walking outside.

As the vest starts to dry, you can splash it with water and your dog will get a cooling effect once again.


  • French bulldog safety jackets for swimming adventures

Every French bulldog owner knows that these little gremlins sink like rocks. That’s why you can’t plan to spend time on the beach or by the pool without dressing your Frenchie in a life acket. They will keep your dog floating while swimming, and since many dog life jackets come with handles, you’ll be able to maneuver with your dog easily.

Frenchies can drown even in shallow waters, so you have to be very cautious wherever your furry friend is near the water. Installing a kiddy pool in your yard can be a great option for making your pet cool and relaxed in the summer. However, you should never leave your Frenchie unsupervised.


  • Paw protection for a hot ground

Dogs can sweat only through their paw pads and those are the only spots where they can regulate their body temperature. That’s why protecting your French bulldog’s paws from hot sand or concrete is over needed.

In case you can choose a surface for a stroll, walking on natural grass is always a better option. In other cases, your dog should wear protective dog sandals. French Bulldog Mesh Summer Sandals are made of breathable fabric on top, while the sole is elastic and comfortable to walk. The sandals feature reflective stripes on the front side, and they are available in 4 colors.

  • Plan your strolls

Another tip to prevent your French bulldog from overheating is choosing the time for strolls. Early morning and late evening walks will work the best for your furry gremlin.

  • Never leave your Frenchie in the car

Leaving your French bulldog in the car even when the window is open can end up tragically. The temperature in cars can be doubled in just a few minutes. Therefore, never leave your dog in the car even when you have to finish a quick errand.

  • Use a suncream for dogs

Just like us, our furry friens can get sunburns. Cream, White, Lilac, and Blue French bulldogs have sensitive skin, so their owners should protect them with special dog-safe suncreams.

  • Choose summer cooling treats

Instead of feeding your Frenchie with commercial treats, we advise you to try rewarding him/her with ice cubes or cold watermelon. However, before giving watermelon to your dog, make sure you’ve removed the seeds and skin. Ice cubes will make your dog curious because of the sound they make when being chewed, while the watermelon can serve for rewarding.

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