10 Items That Every Frenchie Lover Needs To Have

Are you a Frenchie lover that wants to buy items inspired by French bulldogs? These lovely gremlins are for a big reason considered for the most iconic dog breed in the world. Their bat ears, round bodies, and ‘portable’ size make them be found in the cutest gifts you could ever imagine. Let’s discover the list of 10 items that every Frenchie lover needs to have! We are sure that you’ll find your favorite item in our picks.

Geometric French Bulldog Necklace & Pendant

Do you want to surprise your girlfriend, best friend, mom or sister by buying a Frenchie-inspired gift? Well, we think that you can’t make a mistake by buying a Frenchie-inspired necklace. Your special person will be able to carry her batpig always close to her heart.

French Bulldog Earrings

French bulldog earrings are another item that could thrill every Frenchie lover. Whether you’re a Frenchie mom or you just want to find a special gift, these earrings present ‘a must-have’ item.


Where’s My Coffee Mug

We are sure that no person on this Earth doesn’t open the eyes before drinking a coffee. That’s why it would be great for every Frenchie lover to have a specially crafted mug. Does your face look like the Frenchie on this mug when you wake up?


New iPhone Frenchie covers

 Mobile phones present inevitable parts of every woman’s bag. Therefore, why not make your phone more Frenchie-inspired by putting it in this cover? You can choose the type according to your iPhone model.


French Bulldog Angel Handmade Statue

In case you are searching for an item that can present a great addition to your living room, then you should have look at the following French bulldog angel handmade statue. The thrilling fact about this gift is that all the profit from selling this item goes to the charity that will provide meals to Frenchies in rescues and shelters. We care about every French bulldog in this world, so we want to make sure that none of them will stay hungry.

Rhinestone French Bulldog Leather Keychain

To make sure that you never lose your keys again, we suggest you buying this rhinestone Frenchie keychain. It has zircons on a dog’s ears and its collar. You have 8 colors to choose from and you’ll surely find your fave ones.


Baby French Bulldog Sherpa Blanket

Is there anything better than chilling under the blanket while snowing outside? From now on, you can have a Frenchie-inspired blanket both for you and your child. Since it comes in two sizes (baby size and regular one), you’ll have enough layers to warm up you both.

French Bulldog Slippers

French bulldog slippers present an over-essential item that every Frenchie lover needs to have. These romantic-looking slippers are ready to warm up your feet with gorgeous batpigs that will remind you how much you love your little gremlin. 

French Bulldog Club Wood Cutting Board With Handle

For all those master chefs that adore preparing tasty meals both for them and their Frenchies, we’ve prepared a specially designed French bulldog cutting board. We are sure that from now on your lunch or dinner will be prepared with lots of love.

French Bulldog Luggage Protective Cover

So far, hundreds of Frenchie lovers have freaked out for this French bulldog luggage protective cover. It is available in three designs and many sizes to suit any type of luggage. From now on, you can make your vacay Frenchie-inspired and unique by having this protective cover. There’s no way that your suitcase will go unspotted.