10 Hottest French Bulldog Items For 2019 So Far

There’re people who like buying clothes for their dogs, and those who think it’s needlessly. However, as a dog owner, you need to become conscious that some dog breeds need clothes in certain weather conditions. Whether we talk about buying dog jackets, vests, boots or collars, every dog should have at least basic clothes and accessorize. Therefore, we want to present you our 10 hottest French bulldog items for 2019 so far. We have just stepped into New Year, so our wardrobe needs to get some new fashionable pieces as well. Wherever you go adventuring with your pooch, with these items you can make sure your doggie is snug and stylish all the way. It’s not only about fashion, but it’s also about practicality and compassion.

1- Personalized Engraved Frenchie Collar

In one of our previous articles, we wrote about the importance of buying the appropriate harness and collar. As a dog owner, you also need to become aware of certain unpredictable situations. This personalized engraved Frenchie collar is an over needed item that will keep your pooch safe in case of getting lost.

Remember to leave us your dog’s name and your phone number after placing an order, otherwise, we’ll send blank collar.

2- I Didn’t Fa*t Slim Fit Unisex T-Shirt

Hello to all the Frenchie owners! You know best how this moment looks like! We’re not talking about one or two far*s per week, we’re talking about constant unpleasant smelling gas around their bodies. 😀 We are just kidding, of course! 

3- Luxury Leopard French Bulldog Coat

Winter is still not over, so keeping your batpig warm is more than necessary. With this lovely designed luxury leopard French bulldog coat, your fluffy piglet will definitely stand out from the crowd. It is ultra soft and comfy and can be hand washed in cold water. Bring out some wild times and make some noise in the street with this ‘Mobster-looking’ Frenchie World’s coat.

4- Leopard Print Collar Leash and Bowtie Set

Whether you own a Frenchie girl or a boy, this leopard print set will make your pooch the main trendsetter in the neighborhood. It’s suitable for making family photos, birthday parties, and all other memorable events where you want your pal to become noticed.

5- Pink Panda French Bulldog Vest

Is there anything cuter than seeing those amazing potato dogs dressed in such a panda vest? We simply adore it not only because it’ll make your pooch look stylish but also warm in chilly winter months. For those who still think dogs don’t need an extra layer, we must tell them they’re wrong. What’s the harm putting a dog in a warm jacket in winter?

6- Camouflage Fleece Frenchie Hoodie

It’s true that Frenchies are not great hunting companions, but this camouflage hoodie will provide them a dose of feeling powerful and cool. It’s authentic winter wear for adventure-bound batpigs.  Designed with a soft fleece interior, and available in 2 colors, it’s great for going for a walk in cold weather.

7- Reflective French Bulldog Rhinestone Harness

For dogs who don’t feel comfortable by wearing collars, a harness can be a great solution. It provides better support to your frogdog’s body and doesn’t give them a choke-like feeling. Our reflective collar is made with soft, breathable but durable suede leather. The reflective zircons improve your Frenchie’s visibility in low light levels, while the nickel-plated D-rings are reinforced into the strong nylon webbing to provide a sturdy leash attachment.

8- Luxury Princess Pink French Bulldog Coat

Hello to all the Frenchie Princesses! This lovely and stylish coat is specially designed to catch your future Prince’s eye.  By wearing this coat you can be sure your round and fluffy Princess will feel comfortable and warm. The faux fur is easy to clean in cold water and provides the irresistible softness to your furry friend.

9- Arctic Faux Fur French Bulldog Coat

Treat your doggie to the finest in our best four-legged fashion season. The faux fur and knitted rolls on the sleeve and back are specially made to keep your beloved in vogue. Dress your furry Fashionista up to for any glam occasion with this coat!

10- BE NICE French Bulldog Hoodie

Fat or slim, big or small, every dog deserves to become protected in colder months. This Be Nice casual dog hoodie is made of cotton and is a perfect fit for everyday walks in crisp fall days, chilly springs and late cool evenings.