10 Best Leash and Collar Sets for French Bulldogs

Bringing a French bulldog puppy home might sound challenging especially in case you don’t have any experience as a dog owner. One of the greatest and powerful things presents the moment when you realize that gorgeous furry gremlin depends only on you. And, voila! There are many things going through your mind. How to teach him where to potty? What kind of food he can eat? What do you need to buy for your gorgeous Frenchie?

When you already provided your French bulldog with the specific feeding schedule, the next requirement presents housebreaking (potty training). For performing a successful housebreaking training class, every Frenchie owner needs to have the appropriate harness, leash, and collar. 

Therefore, we made a list of Frenchie World Best Selling leash and collar sets for French bulldogs. 

LOVE French Bulldog Collar and Leash Set

The following set presents the perfect choice for grown-up furry gremlins that learned how to walk on a leash. It means that your Frenchie already became an obedient pet that walks beside his owner’s legs. The set consists of a collar available in two colors and a high-durable chain leash. It’s made of a 3d rebond cotton and the length of the leash is 180 cm.

Plaid bowtie, collar & leash

Specially made for little gentlemen, this cute collar and leash set goes with a bowtie. It’s available in different sizes and can be worn both for going to chilly walks and meeting with friends. We are sure that your doggie will love wearing it.


Leopard Print Collar, Leash & Bowtie Set

Why not follow the latest trends this season? Leopard design will provide your Frenchie with the best style ever since it’s great for taking photos, wedding ceremony, holiday celebration, or just a stroll down the street. You can choose whether you want to put a bowtie or not and to set the appropriate size of a collar. Make your Frenchie always feeling stylish and pretty! 


HOOEPT Exclusive Custom Collar Suit Traction And Set-Shaped Harness Leash 

We bet you will not find such a set anywhere else on the internet. It’s made of high-durable material and is available in 3 colors and different sizes. The leash can be used with a matching harness when you don’t want to walk your pooch on a collar. So, it’s great for using it in both ways. 



Denim Dog Harness and Leash

Show your pup’s cool and rugged side with this Denim Dog Harness and Leash from Frenchie World!  With this fun and western harness, your pup will be ready to go out for a rodeo! Sweet harness with pocket and spread collars. Adorned with metal studs and buttons, and topstitching. This 100% cotton harness presents a great fit for French bulldogs with sensitive skin. It also includes touch fastener closures for easy attachment and a sturdy D-ring for the best security of your playful pooch.

High Leather Sharp Black Spikes Leash and Collar

Why not show off some ‘scary’ style and stroll down the street with your batpig wearing a collar like this? We bet no one will dare to oppose him. The spikes collar goes with a matching leash and both are made from high-durable artificial leather. Make sure you take off a collar from your batpig’s neck every time you get back home because the spikes will not make him so comfortable while sleeping. 

Pink and white dog collar, leash & bow tie

The following set presents a great fit for all Frenchie ladies that like to look stylish and fashionable at any time of the day. You can’t know when the prince will appear , so why not to always be prepared for such a faithful life moment?
A gentle pink and white design is available in two sets (with and without a bowtie), and different sizes.
If you want to buy for your Frenchie 3 in 1 set that will last forever, then this natural leather set certainly will. Specially made in Frenchie World headquarters, this spiked collar, leash, and harness set is designed for all hard-rock looking French bulldogs. Imagine how your furry and round gremlin will look like when wearing such a dangerous outfit. 

Frenchie World® Pop Art leash/collar/bowtie set

Are you a bowtie fan that loves dressing up your pooch in some cutest outfits that will attract everyone’s attention? In case you are, then this collar and leash set must become part of your dog’s wardrobe.

The design is unisex, so you don’t need to think twice. It’s available in different sizes and can be worn on any occasion.

Summer Flamingo dog collar and leash set 

Summer is almost here, so why not to stay prepared for the best season ever? We bet there’s no person who doesn’t like it. Make your French bulldog even more fashionable with the following Summer Flamingo collar and leash set. Put your French bulldog in the best shirt, buy him the best collar, and stroll the world! 

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