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Five Best Collars For The French Bulldog Breed

If you already brought a Frenchie puppy home, then you are probably thinking about items you need to own as a first-time dog owner. Besides over needed French bulldog clothes (because of their tendency to hypothermia), there are also other items such as toys, beds, and cosmetics. However, one of the first things every Frenchie owner should buy is definitely a high-quality dog collar. Dog collars serve to provide your pooch with all the necessary information in case of loss. The fashion comes to second place.  You can put on your Frenchie’s collar your phone number, your dog’s name and his other features such as if he’s deaf or he suffers from diabetes.

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What Is The Best Care For Your French Bulldog Paws?

It’s a fact that Frenchies are also prone to suffering from certain health issues if they were improperly bred. However, no matter how good genes your batpig carries, his paws always require special care. That’s why we want to inform French bulldog owners and bully breed owners in general, about their dogs’ paw care requirements.

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What Are the Best Separation Anxiety French Bulldog Toys?

How many times you’ve been worried about leaving your Frenchie home alone? Frenchies are NOT the kind of creatures that enjoy living alone, they constantly thrive for attention and like spending time with people. In other words, French Bulldogs need to be involved in their pack. In this case, you’re the only pack leader of your dog.

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The Best French Bulldog Sunglasses! Does Your Dog Need Them?

When it comes to a dog’s vision, brachycephalic dog breeds such as Frenchies, Boston Terriers, and Pugs have prominent eyeballs that react more sensitively to sunlight. In addition to this, they’re also more susceptible to abrasions, irritations, and cuts. So, how to protect your Frenchie’s eyes from different environmental factors should be one of the concerns if you’re the owner of this breed. That’s why we want to introduce you to the Best French bulldog sunglasses and when does your dog need them.    When Does Your Frenchie need to wear sunglasses?  It might look weird to see a dog wearing sunglasses, but in certain situations, your pet really needs them. So, let’s discover when they can provide the essential…

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French Bulldog Hip Dysplasia! Diagnosis, Causes and Treatment

French bulldog hip dysplasia is one of the most common health conditions that may occur in this breed. It can be described as a condition where the ball of the joint doesn’t fit the socket and causes abnormal movement of the femoral head. Hip dysplasia in French bulldogs occurs can when the bones rapidly grow, due to over-exercising, obesity, or an imbalance between the muscle mass and the skeletal development. Since there are ways that can help your dog to ease the symptoms, we’ve decided to provide you with some useful tips. What are the main causes of French bulldog hip dysplasia? Beside large dog breeds, Frenchies may also be susceptible to suffer from this condition. It can be caused…

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French Bulldogs And Mosquito Bites! How To Keep Your Dog Safe?

Despite your Frenchie’s coat might represent a sort of protection against insect bites, they are actually equally prone to mosquito bites. Those awful pests literally ruin our outdoor adventures, so that’s why we need to think about how to protect our Frenchies during the summer. Mosquito bites can cause not only a sort of discomfort but also allergic reactions and may transmit dangerous diseases.  How to protect your French bulldog against mosquito bites?  As we all know, the mosquito population rises up during the warm weather. Therefore, if you live in a warm climate or near a river, lake, or sea, there’s a higher possibility that you won’t be able to spend a peaceful summer this season. Luckily, besides using…

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How To Make Your French Bulldog Smell Better?

During summer months, your Frenchie might become more stinky than usual. The reasons for such occurrence are many because you’ll probably want to spend more time outdoors with your lovely pooch. That’s why we’ve decided to provide you with the tips to make your French bulldog smell better. Besides using natural recipes, you’ll discover high-quality products that are completely safe for your Frenchie. French bulldog stinky coat- what to do? Since you can’t prevent your Frenchie from acting like a messy piglet, it’s advisable to know the tips about how to make your French bulldog coat smell good. Your dog can have a stinky coat due to many reasons, so let’s find out what could be the triggers. Swimming If…

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Top 11 Collars For Frenchies in 2020

Besides harnesses, collars for Frenchies are one of the first essentials to buy for a French bulldog puppy. Many dog owners are often in doubt what type of collar to buy for their dogs. That’s why we’ve decided to select the top 11 collars for Frenchies that will help you easier decide which one is the best for your pet. Are Collars for Frenchies a safe solution? While French bulldog harnesses are a better option for untrained puppies who tend to pull, collars are ideal for pooches who don’t like the feeling that harnesses provide. Collars for Frenchies are also a better option for adult batpigs that show obedient walking behavior. They also serve to carry a dog’s ID tag…

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Shop, Don’t Adopt! Wait, what?? Benefits of buying a French bulldog puppy

Widely known for their kind nature and iconic appearances, French bulldogs find their places in homes all over the world. Their popularity rapidly grew in the last 10 years so today, they take high 4th place in the USA. And, you know what? They are found on the 1st place in homes of the Big Apple. Frenchies are popular but… As you can guess, the enormous growth in popularity caused Frenchies to be left in shelters. It all happens due to unresponsible breeding. Since many people rush to buy those furry little gremlins for a cheap price, they later find themselves in a dead end. It means that a puppy that has been bought for a price of 500 $…

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What Is The Difference between 500$ and 5,000$ Frenchie?

If you already decided to buy a French bulldog puppy then you might find yourself in a dilemma on how to choose the best one. When I say the best one, I mean on choosing the puppy that is cleaned from potential health issues that are caused by genetics. You certainly don’t want to spend a large amount of money on an ill puppy that you’ll need to take to the vet every 2 weeks. What kind of dog are you buying actually? It’s true that a Frenchie can be bought for 500$ however, have you ever wondered of what dog are you buying actually? Who are the parents of that puppy? Did his/her parents suffer from any health issues?…

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10 Funniest French Bulldog Costumes

If you are not enough of people paying attention wherever you appear with your lovely Frenchie, these costumes will definitely make him steal the show! Why not to add some spicy details to those huge eyes, smushed faces, and bat-shaped ears? These Frenchie World best selling French bulldog costumes are made to put a smile on everyone’s face. Bat Pig Dog Costume If you are searching for the funniest costume that will perfectly suit your batpig’s personality, then this pick will put a strawberry on a cake. Now your Frenchie’s ears got the sense, right? Our customers adore it because your pal is sure to be the center of attention wearing this wing set. It’s great for Halloween party, trick-or-treating or…

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10 Best French Bulldog Funny T-Shirts For Humans

Lively and curious Frenchies will always be there to spice up your boring days. We bet there’s no person who would resist their huge personalities and iconic appearances. With Frenchies, it’s impossible! As an owner of this gorgeous dog, you’ve been probably searching for some special items that will show all the love you have for your furry gremlin. Even in the case you’re not a Frenchie owner, these t-shirts for humans will put a smile on everyone’s face. World’s Best French Bulldog Dad T-Shirt Why not let everyone know that you’re a dad of the cutest dog in the World? This Men T-Shirt is a great fit for casual strolls through the neighborhood with your furry little gremlin. It’s…

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Do I Need A Self-Cooling Pad For My French bulldog? The Summer Problem Solver

Summer is probably the most favorite season not only for people but also for dogs. It’s the time you can enjoy playing fetch in your yard, go swimming, hiking, and camping. On the other hand, it’s the time when your French bulldog requires special care too. Due to his tendency to overheat, providing him with plenty of water and natural shadow in summer is ‘a must’. Even in the case, you don’t live in a hot area, it’s extremely important to keep your Frenchie’s body temperature in normal ranges. How to know if your Frenchie’s having a heat stroke? Well, it’s quite easy to determine if your pooch is experiencing a heat stroke. You will notice his heavy breathing, drooling, panting,…

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How To Prepare For a French Bulldog’s First Flight?

If you love to travel and you want your Frenchie to follow you on your adventures, then you’re probably having many questions coming through your mind. Flying with a French bulldog might sound challenging because they belong to brachycephalic breeds. Since some airlines don’t allow French bulldogs and similar breeds on their flights, checking their rules is the first thing you have to do. What do you need when flying with a French bulldog? Planning a vacation with your Frenchie might sound exciting. Your dog will be by your side all the time, so you don’t have to think about whether you’ve found a reliable dog sitter or a person to take care of your pet. On the other hand,…

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French Bulldog Ear Infection: Causes and Remedies!

Does your Frenchie have smelly ears that are also warm in touch and look red? If yes, then probably the French bulldog ear infection is on the way. An ear infection is one of the most painful conditions not only in humans but also in dogs. Since it can lead to severe complications if we leave it untreated, it’s highly important to visit the vet from the first noticed symptom. Why are French bulldogs prone to ear infections? Frenchies are famous for their bat ears, however, they’re also one of the reasons for developing common infections. Since they’re wide open, seasonal pollen, dirt, and even plant pieces can easily enter the ear and cause severe itchiness. Not only Frenchies but…

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Can French bulldogs be left alone? Revealed

French bulldogs currently take second place on the list of the most popular dog breeds according to the AKC. They are perfect companion pets that easily adapt to any environment. Since they can fit different families, and you are thinking to bring one into your family, then you probably want to know the answer to the question Can French bulldogs be left alone.   Can French bulldogs be left alone while you’re at work? It’s not recommended to leave your French bulldog home alone for such a long period of time. They were bred to spend time with their owners and follow them around, so spending an extended time alone is not a good solution for these pooches. Otherwise, they…

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Top 7 French Bulldog Shoes To Keep Your Dog’s Paws Safe

If you’ve ever seen your dog lifting legs when walking on too hot or too cold pavements, then it’s the ultimate time to buy her/him French bulldog shoes. They’ll provide mechanical protection to your dog’s paws and improve traction in senior pooches. Should Frenchies Wear Shoes? Mechanical protection Definitely, yes. French bulldogs should wear shoes because that’s how you’ll protect their paw pad from getting burned in the summer. Walking on hot concrete or sand can cause blisters and burns, so you have to be very careful when taking your batpig outside in the hot weather. Just imagine how would you feel walking barefoot in the summer. Our furry friends can’t tell us what bothers them, so monitoring their behavior…

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My French Bulldog Is So Skinny! What To Do?

Even though most Frenchies are prone to obesity, it’s nothing strange to see a skinny Frenchie too. If your French bulldog looks so skinny, then you surely need to take certain measures and check if there’s an underlying condition. Why does my French Bulldog look so skinny? Frenchies might be small in size, but it doesn’t mean they should be skinny. These little batpigs should have stout and muscle-built bodies. Seeing ribs ‘through’ your dog’s skin doesn’t represent a healthy version of your pet. Although most Frenchies are known as greedy eaters, some dogs can deal with leanness. The French bulldog weight of a healthy male should be between 20-28 pounds, while healthy females should weigh between 18-26 pounds. Many…

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Women Sleep Better Next to Their Dogs- Here is why!

For dog owners, there’s definitely not a better feeling than sharing a bed with their lovely pooch. We are sure they all love to curl up and chill all day with their four-legged friends. However, have you heard for the statement that women sleep better next to dogs that next to their human partners?

No matter how silly it sounds, believe us, it’s true! According to the researches that collected data from 962 adult women living in the USA, 31% share their beds with cats, 55% with dogs, and 57 % with their partners. The results have shown that women don’t get a quality sleeping next to their cats. Since cats like to pretty much spend their time wandering through the house at night, cat owners spend the greater part of the night in listening to what their pets are doing.  And, we don’t even need to mention the time and sounding of ‘lovely and romantic February’.

What about humans and dogs?

When we talk about dogs and human partners, studies have shown that dogs bring more security to women while sleeping. It’s because they tend to protect their owners every time they ‘smell’ the danger in the air. Another cute fact is that women like to snuggle and unlike cat owners, dog owners go to bed earlier and wake up earlier as well. Therefore, it’s another win when we talk about resting.

In case you are still not sure whether to choose a dog for a pet, the following fact will definitely blow your mind.

It’s true that cats sleep a lot, however, dogs do have better timing. It means that our lovely four-legged friends know when is the time for sleeping, eating, going for a walk, and your daily routine. On the other hand, when a cat already had enough sleep during a day, there’s no force that will make it sleep peacefully during the night.

What makes French bulldogs good sleeping partners?

If you ask every Frenchie owner if their batpig is good sleeping partner, we bet most of them will say –yes. On the other hand, there only one thing that will make you think twice about owning this wonderful breed. Since French bulldogs have brachycephalic skulls, they snore! Sometimes, this feature can actually be pretty mitigatory in case both a Frenchie mom and little gremlin snore. They two will definitely produce a ‘lovely sounding symphony’.

Let’s talk about good things as well. Since Frenchies easily adapt to any kind of environment and routines, you can be pretty sure he’ll actually like the idea of sleeping next to you. Frenchies very easily learn the routines of their owners, so this can be one extenuating circumstance.

For the end, we must be honest! There’s no better feet warmer during cozy nights than your furry friend. Sometimes, we simply need an extra layer to keep us warm. All in all, the conclusion is that from now on, males definitely need to find their beds in dog houses.

Why You Shouldn’t Get a French Bulldog?

So far, you probably heard many opposite talkings about French bulldogs. They have been said to be unhealthy and that will make you spend thousands of dollars on their medications and treatments. That’s why we want to introduce you to the facts about ‘why you shouldn’t get a French bulldog’. 

Cuddly companion for life

French bulldogs are known as one of the best companion dog breeds in the world. They always thrive for attention and are willing to clown around just to make you happy and entertained. Since they don’t like staying home alone, you should think about how to occupy your Frenchie’s attention while you’re out. Toys could be one of the options, as well as bringing another dog into a family. That’s how your pup will have a company for spending a playful time.

Frenchie is the dog who would rather spend time with its owner by following him/her around then doing some ’doggy business’. Therefore, If you want a cuddly companion for life, then this little gremlin is the right choice for you. Isn’t it a cute reason why you shouldn’t get a French bulldog?

why you shouldn't get a french bulldog

They’re ’the quietest dogs in the world’

Thanks to their brachycephalic skulls and elongated soft palates, Frenchies produce the craziest and weirdest sounds you could ever imagine. They snore, snort, whine and produce funny noises that will make you ’sleep like a baby’. And of course, we can’t forget about putting a ’cherry on top of the cake’. Since Frenchies fart so badly, you can expect that your living place will smell ‘gorgeous’ all the time. As long as you have a Frenchie by your side, you can forget about buying air fresheners.

Forget about having a ’rest beside your Frenchie’

This breed belongs to the greatest sleepers in the World. Therefore, you will be able to enjoy sleeping and lying all day long with a Frenchie by your side. They don’t require much exercise so that’s why they’re considered for the best dogs for apartment living conditions.

French bulldogs ’don’t act friendly toward kids’

This is a totally false statement! French bulldogs and kids make one of the best dream teams you could ever imagine. Frenchies adore children and act friendly and protective toward them. They can make a solid relationship especially when they grow up together from an early age. By teaching them both how to behave with each other, there’s no way that you can expect your Frenchie to show aggression.

Frenchies and cats? Is it a good idea?

French bulldogs act friendly not only to other dogs but also to cats. They easily fit any kind of environment and will show a friendly attitude as long as someone treats them with respect. So, in case you are thinking to bring a cat into your family and you already own a Frenchie, my advice is to make sure your pooch has been properly socialized.

why you shouldn't get a french bulldog

Are you still not convinced ‘why you shouldn’t get a French bulldog’?

 Isn’t it great to live with a Frenchie? This gorgeous breed attracts everyone’s attention and is quite easy to train. Frenchies are smart and can quickly learn tricks if you provide them with a good motivation. Usually, it could be some tasty snacks or toys. French bulldogs are easygoing and extremely loyal, so when it comes to the part of living with them, you can expect to get plenty of affection.






Why Women are Better Frenchie Parents than Men

Isn’t it great to own a French bulldog? They are so affectionate, loyal and unique! They make everyone turns their heads wherever they appear. Since this gorgeous breed equally finds its place both in men and women owners, we decided to clear out what makes women better Frenchie parents than men.
We hope that the men side won’t get mad!

Women have the 6th sense

It might sound like a cliché but women act like real mothers to their Frenchies. In other words, they take care of dogs as they would act with their children. So, if a Frenchie shows unusual behavior, you can be pretty sure that his human mom will notice it on time! Whether we talk about a dog’s sadness and anxiety or finding some strange-looking spots on the skin, a mom is going to discover everything!

Frenchie moms are gentle

Women Frenchie parents act more gentle than men. They are capable to spend hours and hours sitting on the couch with their Frenchies like they are hugging a Teddy-Bear! Luckily, Frenchies like attention so it doesn’t present a problem to them at all.

Frenchie moms have a sense for fashion

If you see a Frenchie dressed like a top model going down the street, you can be sure he/she lives with a Frenchie mom. A mom will buy the craziest and the cutest outfits for her pooch and will even find matching clothes for her and her furry gremlin.

Women Frenchie parents are better chefs

A Frenchie’s wish is her command! Women Frenchie parent will always prepare high-quality meals for her batpig because she knows how important it is. Whether her pooch wants to eat meat, raw or cooked, she’ll know how to prepare it!

Women care about Frenchie essentials

Since there are no women who don’t like buying makeup and perfumes, we bet there will be no Frenchie that will smell bad! Frenchie moms give an advantage to buying natural cosmetics for their Frenchies that will not cause any allergy!

For the end, we’ve prepared a totally crazy fact!

According to a recent study by researchers at Canisius College in Buffalo, New York, women tend to sleep better next to dogs than they do next to members of their own species. 

Sorry men, but from now on, you can find your beds in your dog’s house!

Why Is My French Bulldog Losing Hair?

Do you love to hear that your French bulldog’s coat looks healthy, smooth, and shiny? Well, we are sure that every dog owner feels proud to hear that his dog looks healthy and nurtured. Unfortunately, sometimes we can encounter certain problems and one of them is French bulldog hair loss. French bulldog hair loss can be a desperate moment both for the owner and his pet. That’s why it’s important to discover the trigger and help your pet on time.

What are the common causes of French bulldog hair loss?

A French bulldog hair loss issue can be caused by many factors. During the shedding season, your dog will lose more hair than usual. However, if the hair loss becomes excessive, and your Frenchie develops hairless spots on his body, it’s a clear sign that you need to react quickly.

One of the first things every owner should know to recognize is the pet’s strange behavior. Does your dog excessively scratch his skin to blood? Does he seem nervous and incapable to settle down? Besides these two symptoms, your Frenchie’s hair loss can be followed by numerous other symptoms as well.

The main reasons for this unpleasant condition could be allergies, poor nutrition, mange, dermatitis, parasite Alopecia, genetics, and hormonal imbalance.

Allergies in French bulldogs are often caused by different environmental allergens such as seasonal pollen, different house cleaning products, laundry detergent, and dust. Your Frenchie can also be allergic to ingredients in his diet such as corn, soy, by-products, and artificial colors and flavors. That’s why every dog owner should carefully choose a diet for his Frenchie and read the labels on dry kibble or canned dog food.

Dermatitis in French bulldogs is closely connected to allergic reactions caused by environmental elements. Your pet’s skin can become itchy, red, and develop watery blisters that can easily become infected if not treated on time. We don’t recommend your home treatment because this condition can be an introduction to severe issues and permanent hair loss is one of them.

  • Poor nutrition

One of the reasons for a French bulldog hair loss issue can be poor nutrition. During the adolescence period, your Frenchie requires to eat healthy meat proteins that will help him to build muscle mass. So, in case you’re not sure what food brand to choose for your French bulldog, we suggest you choose the one that contains a recommended balance of proteins, carbohydrates, and omega oils for your dog’s age.

  • Mange

One of the first signs that will show you if your French bulldog’s skin became affected with mange is a skin covered with sores or thickened and dark patches. It is a disease caused by mites that burrow deep into the coat and cause severe pains and itchiness. If you leave it untreated, your Frenchie can even develop wounds and infections that will be difficult to heal.

There are two major types of mites that affect dogs:

  • Sarcoptic mange
  • Demodectic mange

Both scabies and Demodex require topical treatments that will control the mites and heal the skin. Bathing with medicated shampoos is important, as well as using topical applications that will help you kill the mites. In some cases, Frenchies may also need oral therapy as well.

  • Genetics

We all know that Frenchies belong to the group of the most expensive dog breeds. They are difficult to breed not only because they are incapable to mate traditionally, but also because the breeder should select quality bloodline dogs for breeding. Buying Frenchie puppies for a small amount of money is not advisable because it’s often a sign that you’re buying a pet with a tendency to suffer from different health issues.

  • Acral lick dermatitis

Acral lick dermatitis is triggered by a psychical disorder. Since French bulldogs are on a higher tendency to suffer from anxiety and separation anxiety, you should carefully monitor your dog’s behavior in certain situations. Does the condition get worse every time your dog spends time alone? If the answer is yes, then you can be quite sure that the excessive licking is caused by a mental factor.

  • Hormonal imbalance

Improper work of sebaceous glands can cause different skin issues such as seborrhea and dandruff. Since these conditions can be very itchy, a dog can develop cuts that can quickly become infected.

How to prevent French bulldog hair loss?

  • Include supplements

To maintain a healthy and shiny coat in your Frenchie, you can include different supplements into your dog’s diet. Besides, feeding your pet with food rich in antioxidants such as blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries, can make your Frenchie’s skin elastic, hydrated, and smooth.

Feeding your dog with fish will also do a lot for his skin and coat. Fish represent the best source of Omega oils that are known as one of the best ingredients for maintaining a healthy coat.

Choosing the right shampoo for a French bulldog plays an important role in preventing different skin issues too. Our advice is to choose a dog shampoo free of parabens that contains natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera and Olive oil. Both Aloe Vera and Olive oil regenerate the skin and make it look fresh and healthy.

  • Regularly brush your dog’s coat

The dog’s skin produces oils that serve to keep its skin moisturized and protected. However, brushing is required to spread the oils through the dog’s coat. If you’re not sure what type of grooming brush to use for your Frenchie, we recommend you buy the following Grooming glove. It is practical to use, and the silicone pins are soft, so they won’t hurt the dog’s skin. Besides, the glove will help you reach all hidden places on your dog’s body.






Why Does Your French Bulldog Have Red Eyes?

If you’ve noticed that your Frenchie has red eyes, there could be several reasons for such occurrence. French bulldogs might have gorgeous, unique, and protruding eyes, but these features also make them prone to eye infections, allergies, and different conditions. That’s why we have to pay attention

What causes French bulldog red eyes?

Eye allergy in French bulldogs

One of the most common reasons for your French bulldog’s eye redness are environmental allergens. Dust and seasonal pollen can irritate not only Frenchie’s nose but also its big and round eyes. However, have you ever wondered why is that so?

As we all know, these little batpigs have flat muzzles. So, when they sniff the ground and explore the great outdoors, their eyes are too close to the allergens and can easily develop an allergic reaction. In case of an allergy, besides eye redness, your furry friend will also have watery eyes that can progress into a condition called conjunctivitis.

Eye conjunctivitis requires immediate treatment because it’s very uncomfortable and can even lead to total blindness. The most common therapy vets prescribe for treating conjunctivitis are antibiotic eye drops. Depending on the severity of the condition, the treatment may last from one to three weeks.

french bulldog red eyes

Dry eye syndrome in French bulldogs

Dry eye syndrome represents the restricted ability’s to produce tears. This condition is immune-mediated and extremely painful, so it requires immediate treatment. If your French bulldog has chronic red eyes, frequently blinks, has sticky eye discharge, and dull-looking eyes with a lack of shine, then he probably suffers from dry eye syndrome.

To determine the amount of tears, your vet will perform the ‘Schirmer Tear Test’. It’s a painless procedure that includes placing a tiny strip of paper between your dog’s eyelid and eye. Frenchies who suffer from dry eye syndrome will need to daily use false teardrops and Ciclosporin eye drops. Ciclosporin calms the dog’s immune reaction and prevents destroying tear glands.

In case of a severe level of dry eye syndrome, your vet may suggest an eye operation. By redirecting a tube that carries the saliva, it will help in keeping the eye moist.

Corneal ulcers in Frenchies

Corneal ulcers could be another reason for your French bulldog red eyes. They occur due to traumas, chemical burns, and rarely due to bacterial infection. We can describe them as deep erosions through the entire epithelium and into the stroma. The Frenchie’s eye affected by corneal ulcer appears to be cloudy and painful. The treatment will include eye drops prescribed by the vet and protecting the eye by wearing eye patches.

Glaucoma in French bulldogs

Glaucoma primary and secondary can also be the reasons for French bulldog red eyes. It’s a condition caused by inadequate drainage of aqueous fluid. When too much or too little fluid is drained, the intraocular pressure increases and makes damage to the optic nerve and retina. Since glaucoma is very painful to dogs, both primary and secondary glaucoma requires surgery. Medications are given to Frenchie with lower eye pressure in order to get back to normal as fast as possible. Besides visible redness in your Frenchie’s eyes, this condition is followed by: frequent squinting, bulging swollen eye, tearing, rubbing eyes onto the floor, pupils look different in size.

Uveitis in French bulldogs

French bulldog intense eye redness can often be caused by uveitis- a condition which true causes are never discovered. It is followed by severe pains, redness of the eye, cloudiness, and small pupils. Since at first glance looks like glaucoma, to determine the exact issue, a vet will have to measure the intraocular pressure. When a Frenchie suffers from uveitis, he/she has low intraocular pressure, while with glaucoma happens the opposite. The most common causes of uveitis are high blood pressure, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, trauma to the eye, eye tumors, and different infections.

When properly treated, uveitis can be healed in 2 or 3 days, however, if the eye is cloudy, it may take up to 7 days to clear up.

Cherry eye in French bulldogs

Cherry eye in dogs occurs when the third eyelid prolapses and forms a red tissue that looks like a cherry. It more often occurs in young puppies and can occur in both eyes. Even though this condition looks quite scary to dog owners, it’s usually not painful but it can disrupt normal tear production. The good news is that this condition can be treated by massaging the eye. In case of unsuccessful theraphy, the last option represents the surgery of removing the tear gland and topical treatment to escape infections.

How do you take care of a French bulldog’s eyes?

Just like any other body part, your Frenchie’s eyes also need to get a regular cleaning. Since these batpigs have protruding eyes, they’re more prone to developing ugly-looking tear stains.

Depending on your furry friend’s color of fur, the tear stains can be more or less visible. However, it doesn’t mean that your dog doesn’t them at all. Tear stains look like visible red marks around the dog’s eyes and they occur in pooches who produce more tears and due to a naturally occurring molecule found in tears called porphyrin.

To keep the area around your Frenchie’s eyes clean, we recommend you use the following Frenchie World Eye Tear Stain Remover. Besides it effectively cleans the reddish marks around the dog’s eyes, it also provides anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, and cleansing action to prevent bacterial infections. We recommend you use it two or three times a week by pouring a small amount of solution on a cotton swab and cleaning the area around the dog’s eyes.

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Why Does My French Bulldog Have Pimples?

It might sound weird but dogs can also have pimples just like humans. They tend to get pimples and acne along the chest, chin, lips, under armpits or genital area. However, have you ever wondered why do they occur?

What are the causes of pimples in French bulldogs?

 Frenchies can get acne and pimples for many reasons. One of them can be found in the environment, while other triggers can be found in food, lack of hygiene, bacteria, and using inappropriate cosmetics. Hormonal changes can also be one of the potential factors, so it is a special case when dog owners should pay attention to. In the period of adolescence, your Frenchie will be on a higher tendency to develop pimples and acne. Just like in humans, they occur due to a hormonal imbalance.

pimples in French bulldogs

What are the symptoms of pimples and acne in French bulldogs?

Usually, pimples are easy to spot because they appear as red bumps, whiteheads, and blackheads. Scratching the area around the mouth and rubbing the head onto the carpet can also be one of the symptoms. If they are not treated in time, the lumps can be very painful in touch and they may grow into a bacterial infection.   

How to solve the pimples on your French bulldog?

If you’ve noticed that your French bulldog has oily skin that is prone not only to pimples but also to seborrhea and dandruff, then you need to change his cosmetics. Choosing the appropriate shampoo for your Frenchie is of high importance since these pooches have sensitive skin and don’t react well to shampoos that are rich in artificial ingredients.

As one of the best shampoos to use on the French bulldog breed, I suggest you trying the following SOS dog shampoo. There are different lines of this product, so you can select the one that is tailored to suit a special type of skin or fur color. This line is enriched with Aloe Vera which is one of the best plants to use on inflamed skin.

  •  medicated shampoos rich in herbs

Dog shampoos that are rich in medicinal herbs provenly help in treating pimples on French bulldogs. The following Dry cleaning foam will provide your pet’s skin with a protective layer and will ease the symptoms of itchiness. It provides a natural antibacterial effect and prevents developing infections.Gently massage the dog with a proper amount of foam and massage for 3-5 minutes. 


  • improve your Frenchie’s hygiene

Improving a dog’s hygiene can also be helpful when dealing with bumps. If your dog’s skin overproduces sebum, then you should ask your vet to prescribe you special treatment for your pet. Maybe your pet will need to have baths in specially-tailored solutions that won’t dry the skin but will relieve pimples.

Sometimes, the lack of hygiene can cause bumps, so make sure you bathe your dog every two or three weeks. 

What dog breeds are prone to suffer from pimples and acne?

Dog breeds with short coats, wrinkles, and folds are on a higher tendency to suffer from pimples and acne. The dogs that are most likely to develop them are:

  • English bulldogs
  • French bulldogs
  • Shar Pei
  • Great Danes
  • Boxers
  • Dobermans
  • Rottweilers