About Us

Mission De Flores began its journey in 1990 founded by sisters Anna & Kaye. But apparently, after a few years of serving the people of Las Vegas they had to close the shop as the owners need to go outside the country to master the floral designs. After several years of training abroad with the goal to achieve the highest standards in flower arranging, they open the shop again and little did they know the flower shop becomes successful in just a few months. Anna & Kaye are not just selling or making floral designs for the events they also share their knowledge and skills to all aspiring florist. They offer workshops to those who are interested in floral designs. If you are interested, you can join them by signing the form that will be given to you personally in the flower shop or download the form that will be sent to you via email and submit back to them. Offers usually start at the first week of March and ended it in the first week of the next month.

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To provide excellent customer service, sisters Anna & Kaye work hand-in-hand with their business. They personally monitor the supply of flowers to ensure the freshness of them. We are always open for you to check out all the new latest trends of floral designs to keep our floral arrangements always in style and updated. Sisters Anna & Kaye started this business out of their strong passion and love for the flowers and they believe that giving flowers is a good way of expressing our heart and sincere emotions toward others. Because we love what we do, our team of expert florists will always be ready and pleased to serve you at all cost.
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